Guitar Solos Made Easy 2.0
by Steve Stine

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Guitar Solos Made Easy 2.0 is a 4 module course by the world’s most sought after guitar instructor, Steve Stine.

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Connecting Different Scale Positions On The Fretboard

The “Big 5” Soloing Skills

"Big 5" Jam in A Minor

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Guitar Solos Made Easy 2.0

Module 1

  • A quick and easy way to visualize notes on the fretboard. Which means, you’ll always know where to place your fingers when you’re soloing.
  • How to play and connect the most important scales for soloing across the you never hesitate or get stuck soloing again.
  • The three most critical techniques every serious guitarist needs to know. Bends, slides and vibrato.
  • How to perform “gut-wrenching” bends that stay in tune and shock a dead audience into listening to every note you play.

Module 2

  • 1 simple way to avoid making your solos sound like a “boring” scale (HINT: It’s not what you play, but how you play ig it)
  • A critical palm-muting technique makes your solos sizzle with cretivity
  • Why it’s critical to target the root in your solo.
  • The critical tension, release concept that makes creating vocal solos a snap.
  • How to use you whammy bar the right you can play insane licks that make folks say “Wow, what was that?”
  • How to merge chords and scales. Which means, you’ll be able to create smokin’ hot licks on-demand.

Module 3

  • How to play the major pentatonic scale across the fretboard. So you can soulful blues solos with freedom and confidence in any position.
  • 1 simple way to connect scales across the fretboard so you always know what notes to play.
  • How to use chord embellishments to get the Eric Clapton/SRV sound that gives your playing that instant “WOW!” factor...
  • How to resolve your licks the “right” way. Which means, you’ll always sound like you know what you’re doing.
  • All about melodic, single-string soloing. Which means, you’ll be able to play an awesome solo even if you break a few strings.
  • The difference between vertical and horizontal playing. So you can create out-of-the box licks on-the-fly.
  • How just one simple lick can be the starting point for a great solo. So you don’t waste time “thinking” too much and let things flow.
  • How to develop fluid phrasing. So you can play a solo that flows and makes a statement.

Module 4

  • When and why to use straight vs. shuffle rhythms. So you can effectively play both rock and blues solos.
  • How to play a simple 12-bar blues so you can start playing “authentic” blues solos fast!
  • Essential minor, Major and blues scales. Which means, you’ll have the chops to create effective improvisations.
  • Logical (music theory) vs. Illogical (rock-and-roll) songs and how to choose the right scale. So you can play a sweet sounding solo over any song.
  • How the hybrid scale works and how to apply it. So you can spice up boring solos with red hot licks and endless variety.
  • How to play licks in different places across the fretboard. So you can use them in any key.
  • Easy ways to make use of music theory. So you don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t help your playing.
  • How to improvise a melodic solo for Rock and Roll songs. Which means, you’ll be able to bust out a solo that’s the perfect compliment to the rhythm section.

About Steve Stine

8 reviews for Guitar Solos Made Easy 2.0

  1. Keith Ward

    Keith UK
    Have been studying guitar for a couple of years with Steve and find his various courses easy to work with. Especially Solo and Solo 2. It is broken down into logical sections which lead you to a confident understanding of how to progress into the Solo world of guitar. Always remember, practice, practice,practice, it is a life long project.

  2. John Hood

    This is a fantastic course not just because Steve is the best teacher, making the topics easy to follow and understand but also the topics are on point which enabled me to work on creating solos giving me the confidence to play in front of friends and family. Like most people working through Steve’s courses I wished I had found him when I was a teenager and maybe would have been in a rock band.

    Also, being part of the community has allowed me to make many new friends . I have many of Steve’s courses and definitely would recommend this and more.

  3. Derek Colton

    the new updated 2.0 is great, I have the original version as well. 2.0 gives some theory buts doesn’t dwell on it, what is presented in the course is the “need to know”. I learned the old way of listening to songs, stopping the cassette, rewind repeat.. that worked then but I want more. so here I am starting from scratch learning names, what the different types of scales are and why. Bottom line, this course is the one I needed at this time, its as fast as you want it to be with killer information and doesn’t drag on ( I get bored very easily and don’t focus well ). I’m 100% satisfied. Steve is a great teacher and motivator bringing a very positive attitude to learning guitar. thanks Bro

  4. Clate Simerly

    as a disabled vet, ive taken up guitar to enjoy my passin time…steves lessons have got me playing and enjoying it so fast and so easy that im kicking myself for not doin it sooner….thanks steve…

  5. Shudeep Briggs

    Steve does such a great job explaining everything, I used to try and do a solo from time to time, but if it sounded good it was pure luck. I really had no idea. Along with theory and learning scales I am now understanding why I’m doing it. I would definitely recommend this course, in fact all the courses that Steve is teaching, you’re a fantastic teacher Steve. Thanks a lot.

  6. Gregory Taylor

    I rate this course a solid “5”. Steve does an excellent job helping an intermediate level player who was terrified of soloing actually LEARN to do it the correct way, and how to build on my skills as they develop. The proof that Steve is an effective teacher is that I am now actually soloing! While I think that a theory course will always help you to understand the underpinnings of what you are being shown and to really get a lot out of Solos 2.0, it isn’t strictly necessary. (The Music Theory Masterclass is excellent). Finally, Solo 2.0 is not a “one and done” course – I expect that I will go back for a refresher or to learn techniques that were too advanced for me right now. In short, I could not be happier with the course.

  7. Paul St Jean

    This is an informative course with tons of ideas for my solos, twice I’ve gone over this course and will again. Like all the guitar courses I’ve purchased, I go back and learn something different each time.

  8. Howard Yager

    Excellent course, I am glad it was available on DVD as I have poor internet connections

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