Guitar Solos Made Easy
by Steve Stine

4.90 out of 5
(10 customer reviews)

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Create Inspiring Guitar Solos From Scratch With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll see how to play scales across the fretboard and master critical soloing techniques
  2. Connect - You’ll discover how to combine scales to create amazing licks without hitting any “wrong” notes
  3. Play - You’ll play guitar solos without fear or hesitation and improvise with confidence

Includes: 4.5 Hours of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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1 Simple Trick to Memorizing the Fretboard

1 Shortcut to Authentic Sounding Solos

1 Easy Lick to Play Awesome Solos

#1 Chord Soloing Secret

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Guitar Solos Made Easy

Module 1

  • A quick and easy way to visualize notes on the fretboard. Which means, you’ll always know where to place your fingers when you’re soloing.
  • The three most critical techniques every serious guitarist needs to know. Bends, slides and vibrato. So you can play solos that truly sing.
  • How to build speed with tapping licks. So you can play mind-blowing arpeggios and runs.

Module 2

  • Explore the major/minor pentatonic scale conversion concept, and find out how to use it when you solo.
  • Find out how major and minor scales are related. Which means, you don’t have to learn 100 different scales.
  • Why it’s critical to target the root in your solos, so you can create licks and solos that are always in the right key

Module 3

  • How to merge chords and scales. Which means, you’ll be able to create smokin’ hot licks on-demand.
  • The critical tension and release concept that makes creating “vocal” solos a snap.
  • A secret trick to instantly know what chords are generated from the major scale. So you can anticipate each chord and solo with confidence.

Module 4

  • All about melodic, single-string soloing. Which means, you’ll be able to play an awesome solo even if you break a few strings.
  • How to start targeting notes by ear, so you can really “feel” the notes you play and create musical solos
  • A secret chord chasing technique the pros use. So you can play solos without hitting any “wrong” notes.

Module 5

  • How to play a simple 12-bar blues progression, so you can play authentic blues solos
  • All about the “blues note” (flat 5), and when you should play it. (HINT: it sounds amazing to “pass over,” but not when you emphasize it)
  • How to “force” scales over rock and metal riffs, so you can play awesome solos over any type of song

Module 6

  • The difference between “composition” and “improvisation,” and when to use each approach in your solos
  • How to compose a melody, so you can play a memorable solo over any chord progression
  • Discover how to combine “composed” melodies with improvisation. Which means, you can play your solo a little differently without losing the melody

Module 7

  • Find out the difference between “pure major,” “pure minor,” and “blues/rock” soloing. Which means, you’ll know which scales to use and when to use them.
  • Thoughts on “pulling the best parts” from this course, so you can use what you need now, and come back to the other stuff later
  • How to avoid the “comparison game.” (HINT: It’s a game you’ll *NEVER* win!)

About Steve Stine

10 reviews for Guitar Solos Made Easy

  1. Ulises Gamboa

    awesome place for learning guitar and Steve is a very charismatic guy and with a great mind for music

  2. Bill Green

    From what parts I did finish I enjoyed. I hope the tabs can help me learn the rest since I don’t think it makes sense to me to keep paying for a course I already bought.

  3. Florin Adrian Popescu

    A comprehensive collection of guitar soloing lessons. Very well done!


    A-Z solo lesson!!!! Great work!!!!

  5. Albert Smit

    If you want to learn something about soloing? Your better hurrry to Guitarzoom and buy Guitar solos made easy right away. It’s an “All-in” course giving you, step by step, all the ingredients you need to play guitar solo’s. And the teaching of Steve!?! Beyond everything, it feels like family. He is simply the best you can have. I play this course over and over again and I Always encounterr new things in it, which helps me a lot. So!! don’t hesitate and buy it now!!

  6. Stephen King

    If you want to learn to solo in a way that will impress yourself and others, then take this course. It has helped me to learn how to solo to different genres of music. Steve is a great instructor. Take this seriously and you will not regret it.

  7. John Michael Midgley

    Being in my 70s with arthritis, I took up a guitar again after 40 years. Though not as fast as a young man, the courses run by Steve have not only improved my playing, but more importantly given me a greater use in my hands, may be slow progress for me but better than any physiotherapy

  8. Martin Dufour

    This course is excellent. I have been playing guitar for many years but never got into lead guitar and soloing. Steve does a great job starting with fundamental concepts and how to apply them to soloing. After going through half the course, I already feel like I better understand what to do when, and feel way more confident in soloing situations. Steve is a great instructor who manages to break down the concepts in easily understandable bites.

  9. Peter Pascual

    Thank you for asking. I am a returning guitar player after many years of raising children. I have been moving slowly as Steve puts it to know and understand. Today I actually made some pretty significant progress with the meandering while on vacation ( purchased a travel guitar for the trip). I just finished the fist section on “soloing” and have begun section two. I have found the videos great and all the addition resources like youtube very helpful. You guys are getting the 5 star rating cause Steve is a great instructor

  10. Pless Gibson

    I love the class how Steve brakes everything down so you can pick it up very quickly
    The question I have is how he gets his sound (delay)

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