Home Recording Masterclass – Promo
by Steve Stine

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How to make hassle-free home recordings that you'll be proud to share with friends and family.


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6 Recording Tips Every Guitarist Must Know

What's an audio interface

Digital Audio Workstations

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Home Recording Masterclass – Promo

  • How to quickly and easily create AMAZING home recordings without spending a ton of money on expensive gear.
  • Ever wish your recordings sounded clean and clear? Steve reveals 6 must know recording tips that will help you get the BEST sound with the LEAST amount of effort.
  • An easy to follow plan to create high quality audio and video recordings using your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone.
  • How to identify the audio interface that’s best for your needs and current set up, so you don’t waste time on things that won’t work for you.
  • The #1 way to never forget your musical ideas again.
  • Want to write songs with your friends and family? Don’t miss Steve’s inside tips for fun musical collaborations.
  • 7 questions you should ask yourself before sitting down and recording ANYTHING.
  • Why your recordings have CRAZY sounds and distortion, and what you can do to instantly make them sound cleaner and clearer.
  • The critical difference between single and multi-channel recording. Which one to use and when.
  • One essential piece of gear well-used by professional guitarists to make your iPhone recordings sound like they’ve been created in a studio.
  • How “latency” can kill your home recordings before you ever play a note and what you can do to get rid of it.
  • One light bulb color you should avoid like the plague when recording videos.
  • 1 easy way to make sure you’re not overdriving your signal, so you never have to worry about *fuzzy* recordings again.
  • Don’t know when to use speakers or headphones? Steve reveals his inside secrets to choose the right listening gear for your needs.
  • How to choose the PERFECT Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), so you can make quality recordings using FREE or paid software on your computer.
  • ...and much more!

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