Legendary Solos
by Steve Stine

4.63 out of 5
(8 customer reviews)

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  1. How to play the classic blues solo “Red House” like Jimi Hendrix. (You’ll feel amazing letting your style shine playing this solo).
  2. One inside secret that makes it easy to “sing with your hands.” So your solos sound like “real music” instead of a scale.
  3. 3 crazy hybrid blues licks to shock a dead audience into listening to every note you play.
  4. ..and much more!
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Red House

Free Ride - Edgar Winter

Stiff Upper Lip

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8 reviews for Legendary Solos

  1. Roland Richerson (verified owner)

    Hey Steve. I’m a big Joe B. fan so Just Got Paid has been great for me – still a lot to work through but it’s my favorite so far. As a blue lover, BB King’s “Thrill is Gone” is awesome – almost through working out that one. And I’ve really enjoyed Free Ride – fun to learn and play. Still have several to go, but this is a great overall lesson to bump up skills for some great licks and solos. Thanks!

  2. Greg Richardson (verified owner)

    Any thing Steve talked about is 100% proof it don’t get any better than this.

  3. Steven Stansberry (verified owner)

    I’m really glad I got Steve’s course ‘Legendary Licks and Solos’. I’m learning new songs quickly and am improving rapidly. Steve makes learning fun and easy.

  4. Ken PLANTE (verified owner)

    I like the way Steve brakes it down good job

  5. Adam Quin

    This course has been put together by Steve to encapsulate the essence of the sings and licks but it also encourages you to find your own style and grow as a player in your own right. I think this course is both fun to play, challenging and informing. This is one of my favourites. Each lesson enhances your learning and has introduced me to some songs I would not have known. There is something for everyone in this course. I will bet that if this is your first Steve Stine course, you will be looking at what else he has to offer. Highly recommended!!!

  6. Ernest Carrier (verified owner)

    I first learned the Hotel California lead and it was great! The only thing that could have made it better would be adding the licks for the whole song……that makes it ready to play. Thanks

  7. Ron Schack (verified owner)

    Excellent,as is everything Steve Stine does.

  8. MOHD ILHAM (verified owner)

    learning & practicing are 2 different things.You need to understand what you have learn and practice is the one you already know until you get it right….. wish there was fretboard diagram to show the scale that steve are playing which give us guitarist virtual pic of the scale and fasting understanding….thank you but overall steve is the best coach guitar i have ……

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