Metal Songwriting
by Steve Stine

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Write, Record, And Produce Your Own Songs With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll “see” how Steve Stine creates guitar magic in his home studio
  2. Connect - You’ll connect Steve’s recording expertise with your original licks and riffs
  3. Play - You’ll write your own awesome and original hard rock and metal songs, and you’ll create recordings that sound amazing

Includes: Over 2 hours of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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How To Start Writing Your Own Songs

The Magic Of Multitracking

3 Secrets to Powerful Rock Riffs

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Metal Songwriting

Module 1 - Stargazer

  • How to play Steve’s original song “Stargazer,” step-by-step. Which means, you’ll get a breakdown of every part of this awesome tune, so you can play it with confidence.
  • Discover inside tips on technique, as well as how to play each part comfortably. So you can play like a pro without straining your fingers.
  • Find out how these parts fit together, and why Steve created each part. So you can see how all the parts work together, as well as gain insight on how your favorite songs were created.

Module 2 - Recording Gear, Prep and Setup

  • Find out about the recording tools Steve uses in the studio, and get advice on finding the right tools for you to use. So you can create awesome music without buying a lot of things you don’t need.
  • Discover the magic of “multitracking,” and how you can use it to create different layers for your songs. So your songs will have real depth.
  • Find out how “small” settings like volume and pan can have a HUGE impact on how your song sounds. So your recordings will sound as awesome as possible.

Module 3 - Songwriting

  • How to begin the process of songwriting. How to find inspiration… and how to use it. So you can make the most of your musical ideas.
  • How to build your song from the ground up. Which means, you’ll start with something simple and add new ideas until you have a complete song.
  • How to “visualize” your songs as you write them. So you can add new parts that sound awesome… and so you can show other people how to play along with you.
  • Tips on how to prepare your song for the future. So you can be prepared to work with sound engineers and other musicians, if and when the time comes.

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