Modes Masterclass
by Steve Stine

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Modes Masterclass is a 6-week online masterclass that helps new and advanced guitarists master all 7 modes and create musical guitar solos for any song or chord progression.

  1. You’ll “see” how modes are created from the major scale and discover how to identify each one by its unique sound
  2. You’ll connect modes and scales across the fretboard using simple patterns and chord progressions, so you always know what to play
  3. You’ll play musical guitar solos that sound amazing, which means you’ll never be afraid to turn up your guitar and let your style shine
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The Secret Of Pentatonic Expansion

Awesome Lydian Mode Solo

1 Must-Know Major Scale Pattern

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Modes Masterclass

Week 1

  • 1 easy way to understand modes and why they're important, so you can start using them to skyrocket your solos and change your playing forever
  • Discover why the major diatonic scale is the "secret" to understanding modes, and unlock your potential on lead guitar
  • A complete, note-for-note breakdown of each mode and how they all relate to the major scale, so you can gain inside knowledge of how modes work

Week 2

  • A quick-and-easy way to choose the right mode for any song every time, so you always sound awesome, even when you improvise
  • Explore the unique quality of each mode and how to choose the right one based on your musical intent
  • How to play a red-hot solo over chords that DON'T fit in any one key, which means your solo will “make sense” even if the chord progression doesn’t

Week 3

  • 1 simple trick to quickly ID which mode(s) to use for your solo, so you can always play the right notes
  • Discover how modes are just versions of the major diatonic scale with different "root" notes... (note: understanding this 1 simple concept will revolutionize your soloing)
  • How to improvise using modes in the real world, and how to understand which modes will work (and which won't)

Week 4

  • A side-by-side comparison of each mode that reveals the similarities and differences between them, which means you’ll know what mode to use and when
  • Find out why using modes in your solos is often easier than using "traditional" scales, so you can stop wasting your time and start really playing
  • Discover how to use modes to really stand out at jam sessions

Week 5

  • How to play a solo by using simple melodies you can play with one finger across the fretboard
  • 1 simple trick to memorize pitches, so you can always return "home" if you get lost during your solo
  • Why modes are NOT just for shredders, and how modes are used in many guitar solos you already know and love

Week 6

  • Get an in-depth look at famous guitarists who used modes, and how modes made their guitar playing stand out above the rest
  • Play classic licks and solo examples that use modes -- and get the inside scoop on why they sound so awesome
  • How to use modes into your guitar solos, so you can see why and how modes can revolutionize your playing forever

About Steve Stine

1 review for Modes Masterclass

  1. FredericAdda5 (verified owner)

    I have been playing guitar for 20 years, and in the last few years, I felt I had reached a glass ceiling, and wasn’t making any progress with my instrument. This course helped me understand modes, which is a topic I always wanted to dig more. I particularly appreciated Steve Stine’s pedagogy, and the fact that he starts from the beginning, up to more advanced topics. This way, this course helped me organize my previous knowledge into a larger, more consistent system. And more importantly, I found the pleasure to enjoy playing the guitar again!

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