Play Blues Now
by Steve Stine

4.89 out of 5
(18 customer reviews)

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Play Authentic Blues Guitar Today With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - See how blues is created using chords and scales anyone can play
  2. Connect - Connect what you hear in your head to chords and scales on the fretboard
  3. Play - Gain the freedom to play authentic blues guitar like the legends

Includes: 7 hours of videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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Muddy Waters Inspired Lick

3 Essential Blues Turnarounds

Soloing Example And Discussion

Combining Major And Minor Scales

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Play Blues Now

Module 1

  • An introduction to the blues, so you’ll know where the blues is coming from musically
  • A discussion of how the blues influenced other styles of music. And how the blues is distinct from these other styles.
  • How to set up your current guitar and gear (no matter what it is) so you can get that authentic blues sound and tone

Module 2

  • Discover the chromatic scale, and how you can use it to learn all the notes on the 5th and 6th strings
  • Explore the diatonic (7 note) scale, as well as the 7 chords that come from this scale
  • 10 essential chords that every guitar player needs to know, so you can strum blues rhythms with confidence

Module 3

  • Find out how barre chords work, so you can play chords anywhere on the fretboard
  • Discover the I-IV-V (1-4-5) chord progression, and how it relates to the blues. (HINT: This progression works in ANY key)
  • How to strum effectively, so you can create rhythm and really “rock and roll” when you play

Module 4

  • How to play the classic 12-bar blues progression, so you can start playing authentic blues songs
  • Explore variations on the 12-bar blues, so you can play in a variety of styles and keep things interesting
  • Find out how to play open power chords, and how you can use them to create solid blues rhythms

Module 5

  • How to use “walk-ups” to make your chord changes more interesting, so you can add style to your rhythm playing
  • Find out how barre chords can give you freedom when you play blues progressions. Which means, you’ll be able to play in any key with ease.
  • Explore variations on blues progressions, like the 8-bar and 16-bar blues. So you can mix things up whenever you want.

Module 6

  • How to play smokin’ blues riffs in the style of Muddy Waters and other blues legends. So you can sound like a pro when you play.
  • Find out how to combine major and minor scales, so you can play licks and solos that sound “bluesy”
  • Pro tips on controlling string noise, so your playing always sounds clear and crisp

Module 7

  • Essential techniques for blues solos, such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills, slides, string bends, and vibrato
  • The concept of “meandering,” and how you can use it to create awesome blues licks and solos from scratch
  • How to play a variety of blues licks. Which means, you’ll have a ton of cool licks you can play on-demand in any playing situation.

Module 8

  • Find out how jamming can lead to new ideas when you play, so you can keep making progress as a guitarist
  • How to use phrasing in your blues playing, so your licks and solos sound musical, and not just like boring scales
  • Discover even more essential blues techniques, like double-stops, legato, and position shifting. So you can play authentic blues solos every time you pick up the guitar.

About Steve Stine

18 reviews for Play Blues Now

  1. Matthew Setright

    Absolutely fantastic course. Really can highly recommend to everyone from those starting out as great way to begin your journey into guitar. As the Blues allows you to be able get a solid foundation of playing. That will give you all your key notes, chords, scales and therory but also the advantage of expanding those areas. Which will allow you to enjoy jamming with others or alone. But help the technique needed to become a better at rock and even into metal. As really the Blues is where these came from. So your rhythm to shedding lead solos can only improve and expand for the current player. But for someone starting out you get the full blues experience that let you then gab other areas to expand your playing into other areas. I’ve found my scales bending, timing and expression in my playing are all coming from this course. I also find myself coming back to just rehash so parts whenever I need to. That’s why I bought the DVD version yet having both allows me to grab the laptop or iPad and pick up straight away. By attending the webinars have also been able to get some add ons with my purchase that are on the Internet site as well. So I can say great choice the beginner as much as the player wanting to get better guidance on parts they can play but also gaining the blues skills to start playing or even starting to write your own Blues style songs and licks. Cheers from Australia 🇦🇺 .

  2. Carlos Santos

    I feel this course is a great way to get into the blues.Steve really does a good job explaining the ideas,tricks and licks on Play Blues Now.I hope that he will make a course that has the blues major and minor combination scale that he mentioned and if he has one out Please let me know which course it is.Thanks Steve for the inspiration.

  3. George E Jones

    I’m not comfortable giving reviews! However, I do think this course is easy to follow and great for everyone from beginners on up.

  4. Joseph MCGEE

    I really like this course. Some of the lessons are things I already know but its good to review.

  5. John Laycock

    What a fantastic teacher. I have never listened to anyone who explains playing guitar so straight forward. His enthusiasm is infectious. If you want to step up your guitar playing, this is the man that can teach you. Keep up the great work Steve.
    All the best from John. United Kingdom.


    great course

  7. Tommy OLsson

    This is the course for me since i love the blues.

  8. Frank O’Connor

    I Love it. I have learned so much. I never really understood what they meant by the I IV V. Now if someone says we are in the key of — I can play along.


  9. Dennis K Sky

    Dennis Sky Oct.1 2017
    I haven’t had time to work on it yet but I will get
    Some good use out of this course

  10. Mike Senko

    I truly enjoyed this course having a learning disability makes it a bit hard but the things I picked up from steve has made a world of difference in my playing as well as dan denlys course together ive made much improvement cant speak high enough of these

  11. John Gleason Gleason

    Play the Blues Now takes you on a journey for exploring and beginning mastery of playing the Blues. From rhythm styles, turnarounds, and riffs to the “Blues” note to 7ths and flatted notes.(and much more) Definitely a must have for any level of guitar player. Highly recommended.

  12. Mogens Mogensen

    Highly recommended?.
    The best blues course available. It teaches you from scratch, rythms to soloing and techniques. If you want to play blues, that’s the best place to start.
    And Steve Stein explain you what to do in an easy way.
    Have a Nice Day
    MPM ??Denmark

  13. Dave Kolquist

    I searched on line and tried many instructors before coming across Steve. He is a wonderful teacher. I have recommended him to many of my friend who have an interest in guitar. He has such great patience and his passion for playing, enjoying, and teaching guitar comes through in every lesson. I have played a guitar, now I know how poorly, for many years. The thing about learning from Steve is that he makes me want to try new and different things and he doesn’t in any way try to restrict my learning by making me a slave to his particular regimen. While I have enjoyed his blues class very much, I really have benefited from his music theory class. If I could do it over I would start with the theory and then do the blues class. Either way, I am learning a ton. An intended practice session of a half hour nearly always gives way to a two hour or more euphoric experience. So Glad to be part of this.

  14. Cleber Rocha

    The best blues course available. It teaches you from scratch, rythms to soloing and techniques. If you want to play blues, that’s the best place to start.

  15. Dan Braden

    I’m about 85% of the way through the course, and agree it’s a great foundation for playing blues. And I’ve found I can listen to the radio/blues channel and play along with most of the songs. Another great benefit of purchasing the course has been all the free modules I’ve gotten as a result (usually from attending Steve’s webinars).

  16. Bob Franklin

    Hey guys, great to hear from you. I have taken the Theory and Blues courses and give them both my highest recommendation. I’m retired and can finally get serious about music and understanding more how marvelous of an instrument the guitar really is. Having a blast with the theory and can’t wait for more. Love the blues. Keep the courses coming.

  17. Timothy Keslar

    Highly recommended. I had been tinkering for years and could play chords and pieces of songs. This course opened up my ability to pick up my guitar, jam in 12-bar blues, play in any key, and allowed me to create new music easily. It is great for beginners, which means some skipping if you have experience. It was exactly what I needed to start creating my own music and my own style.

  18. Hari Adusumilli

    I loved this course. This was the first course I bought from Guitarzoom. Steve explained the concepts very well. I learned the fundamentals of blues from this course. It taught me about the Blues scale and pentatonic scale. After this course, I went ahead and bought the Blues Master class. The reason I have it 4 stars was because the Jam Track that Steve played as the title, i did not get it. I do have the tab for the score, but not the backing track. I wish I can get the title backing track. This would help me use Steves suggestions and his style for me to learn,enjoy and cherish it more.

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