Riffs Masterclass
by Steve Stine

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Thunder Rock Riffs Masterclass is a 6-week online masterclass that helps new and advanced guitarists create awesome rock guitar riffs and songs in a variety of styles, from punk to metal to classic rock.

  1. You’ll “see” how to create awesome riffs across the entire fretboard, so you always have something cool to play
  2. You’ll combine riffs and create songs that shine with your own style and personality
  3. You’ll play killer riffs and songs with confidence, knowing you have the skills of a true musician
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1 Must-Know 70’s Style Riff

The secrets of layering

Add a Killer Melody to your Song

How to Harmonize a Lead Guitar Line

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Riffs Masterclass

Week 1:Introduction to Classic Rock-Style Riffs

  • 1 easy way to identify riffs in a song, so you can start hearing them clearly and creating your own.
  • 10 crucial chords in the open position, which are the backbone of literally thousands of riffs in every style.
  • 5 must-know power chords, so you can easily incorporate chords into your own riffs.
  • Essential barre chords on the 5th and 6th strings, so you’re not “stuck” playing complicated chords that will only slow you down.
  • How to break chords into “chord fragments” or “double stops.”. So you can create chunky riffs that have power.
  • How to use palm-muting techniques to add dynamics and expand your sound.
  • Essential vocal techniques such as slurs, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bending and vibrato.

Week 2: Melodic Open String Riffs For Hard Rock And Metal

  • How to play horizontal licks across the fretboard, which means you won’t be “boxed” in by scales and patterns.
  • How to create cool melodies from scratch, so you can add color and contrast to any song or chord progression.
  • Advanced palm muting techniques that pro guitarists use to create percussive riffs that sound HUGE.
  • An easy way to move quickly through power chords, so you can create lightning fast chord riffs that make an impact.
  • A simple way to add chromaticism to your riffs to create an interesting variety of sounds.
  • How to use different picking techniques effectively to change your sound.

Week 3: Single Note Riffs And Pop, Rock, Blues, And Funk-Style Riffs

  • The critical importance of the I-IV-V chord progression to music, and how you can use it as a starting point for killer riffs.
  • Aggressive downpicking riffs in the punk style.
  • How to play single note riffs with a bluesy sound, so you have something exciting to play at blues jams.
  • An easy way to clean up your string changes.
  • Different fingering options that will help you expand your riffs across the fretboard.

Week 4: Moveable Chord Riffs

  • The secret “pinball” concept and how you can use it to skyrocket your guitar playing.
  • How to create movement within chords, so you don’t end up playing the same “stale” riffs again and again.
  • An in-depth song study of “Hole Hearted” by Extreme.
  • How to easily change the shape and movement of open chords to create interesting riffs.
  • How to play riffs from “Spirit of the Radio” by Rush.

Week 5: 70’s Rock Style Riffs

  • How to combine open string licks and palm-muting to improvise hooky riffs that sound as great as they feel to play.
  • How to incorporate single note runs and bends to take your riffs to the next level.
  • How to move open chords around the guitar, so you can create cool textures any song.
  • An easy way to play awesome half-barre chord riffs.

Week 6: 80’s Rock Style Riffs

  • 1 secret trick that makes advanced double stops easy, so you can make your riffs full and meaty.
  • The critical “livewire” concept and how to apply it to you advance you riffs to the next level.
  • How to layer guitar parts and play full-sounding riffs that sound killer.
  • Important chord fragment and picking exercises that will massively improve your technique faster than you ever thought possible.
  • And much more…

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