Scales Made Simple
by Steve Stine

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Make Sense Of Scales And Solo With Style Using Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll “see” pentatonic scale positions across the fretboard
  2. Connect - You’ll connect the different scale positions and build new scales from pentatonic patterns
  3. Play - You’ll solo with confidence and style, and you’ll have the freedom to choose the best scale for your solo

Includes: 1 hour of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In Scales Made Simple

  • Easy ways to use scales when you solo. So you can create the right “mood” with your solos… and always stay in key.
  • How to play the minor pentatonic scale across the fretboard. So you can solo with freedom and confidence in any position.
  • The crucial difference between minor and major pentatonic. And when it’s best to use each scale.
  • How to find the “blue note” in major and minor pentatonic. So you can add an authentic “bluesy” feel to your licks and solos.
  • 1 easy trick that lets you shift from minor to major. (HINT: just move the scale pattern down the fretboard 3 frets)
  • How to create hybrid scales. And how to expand pentatonic scales, so you can add color to your playing.

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