Speed Picking
by Steve Stine

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Increase Your Picking Speed And Accuracy With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll see how to play faster, and you’ll discover scale patterns that make playing fast easy
  2. Connect - You’ll connect your right hand with your left hand, so you’ll synchronize your movement and play as fast as possible
  3. Play - You’ll play lightning fast licks and solos that sound amazing

Includes: 40 minutes of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In Speed Picking

Module 1

  • Find out how to choose the right pick, so you can play as fast and as smoothly as possible
  • How to hold your pick at the right angle against the strings, so you can get a percussive effect when you want to
  • Explore how to use your bicep, forearm, wrist, and fingers for different strumming and picking styles, so you can always play as efficiently as possible
  • The concept of “going inward,” which means to learn how to relax the muscles you aren’t using when you pick

Module 2

  • 1 simple trick for moving between strings, so you can play comfortably and confidently
  • How to hone your picking skills, even when you’re not playing with an amp

Module 3

  • Discover why 3 note per string (diatonic) scales let you play faster and more musically than 2 note per string (pentatonic) or 4 note per string (chromatic) scales
  • How to speed up your left hand using hammer-ons and pull-offs, so you can play with blazing fast speed
  • 2 easy and fun exercises for building left hand strength, so you can play for a long time without getting tired
  • Killer picking patterns that help you build speed in both hands at the same time, so you can play lightning-quick solos with precision

Module 4

  • How to use the “pyramid concept” to maximize your practice time, so you can keep making progress
  • Useful advice on how to balance guitar playing with the rest of your life, so you can always have fun when you play

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