Strumming With Style
by Steve Stine

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Skyrocket Your Rhythm Guitar Technique With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - See strumming patterns in every style and build powerful rhythm guitar skills
  2. Connect - Sync up your hands, so you can make smooth chord changes and keep the rhythm going
  3. Play - Play songs with style and gain the confidence to write your own

Includes: 2 hours of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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1 Crucial Strumming Technique

1 Simple Trick For Smooth Chord Changes

The Secret Of Organic Strumming

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Strumming With Style

Intro to Scratching and Rhythm

  • 1 simple “scratching” technique to learn the rhythm of any song, so you can play your favorite songs faster
  • Critical rhythm guitar vocabulary that every guitarist should know
  • Essential techniques like down/up strumming and 16th note strumming, which means you’ll be able to play rhythm guitar with confidence

Adding Chords to "The Scratch"

  • How to synchronize your strumming hand with your fretting hand, so you can avoid mistakes and skyrocket your technique
  • 1 easy way to strum without a pick...
  • The critical concept of “dynamics,” so you can make your guitar playing come alive

Strumming Patterns Pt. 1

  • How to play 9 easy strumming patterns, which means you’ll be able to play songs in any style
  • 1 secret the pros use to increase stamina and strumming power...
  • Easy ways to combine strumming patterns, so you can create your own signature rhythm guitar style

Organic vs. Patterned Strumming

  • The critical importance of “organic strumming,” which means to strum what “feels right,” even if it’s not a set pattern
  • How to add your own personal style to the songs you love
  • Find out when it’s best to use organic strumming, and when it’s best to follow a pattern... (HINT: it all depends on the song!)

Strumming Patterns Pt. 2

  • Discover cool strumming patterns used by legendary acts like The Eagles, Guns N’ Roses and more
  • How to add a percussive effect to your strumming, so you can add even play driving rhythms that sound awesome
  • How to use barre chords for reggae-style strumming

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