Ultimate Guide To Vibrato - W
by Steve Stine

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Discover Amazing Vibrato Techniques And Spice Up Your Solos With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll “see” how to perform different vibrato styles and discover what makes each style unique
  2. Connect - You’ll connect what you learn to what you already know, and you’ll create awesome licks and solos from scratch
  3. Play - You’ll play guitar solos that people want to listen to and really impress your family and friends

Includes: 1 hour of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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Introduction To Guitar Vibrato

The Secret To "Subtle" Vibrato

Guitar Controlled Vibrato

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Ultimate Guide To Vibrato - W

Modules 1 & 2

  • Discover why vibrato adds a "human element" to your solos, and how vibrato keeps your solos from sounding "unnatural" or "robotic"
  • Find out how the fingers, the wrist and the arm work together to create effective vibrato
  • 1 special "door knob" technique that lets you play vibrato easily and with more control, so you can add vibrato to your solos with comfort and ease

Module 3

  • Easy ways to control the "width" and the "speed" of your vibrato. So you can add a variety of new sounds to your solos.
  • How to play good, solid vibrato with all 4 fingers, so you can use it anywhere across the fretboard, any time you want
  • Vibrato styles of legendary guitarists like BB King and Eric Clapton. So you can add their unique style to your own playing.

Module 4

  • 3 ways to play horizontal vibrato, so you can use this technique to create a variety of sounds.
  • Find out why horizontal vibrato is often referred to as "classical" vibrato, and how you can use it to make your solos sound amazing
  • How to spice things up with "slide" style vibrato inspired by guitarists like George Lynch and Warren DeMartini

Module 5

  • The secret of combining horizontal and vertical elements to create circular vibrato, and why circular vibrato can make a HUGE difference in your playing
  • Compare Sound vs. Technique, and explore why sometimes it's more important to sound good rather than worry about doing it "right".
  • Figure out what’s comfortable for you, and why you should never “cross the line” when performing vibrato

Module 6

  • Discover ways to create vertical, horizontal, and circular vibrato with your whammy bar. So you can stop playing around and start using your whammy bar the right way.
  • 1 killer guitar vibrato technique that takes GUTS to learn and play well (WARNING: Not for the faint hearted)

Module 7

  • How to add vibrato to chords, so you can add that fluid, “human” touch to chords as well as single notes
  • Consistent vs. inconsistent vibrato and how they work in your playing, so your solos will always sound great
  • 1 crucial technique to make your vibrato and solos more dynamic and emotional, so you can really engage the listener

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