Ultimate Metal Guitar Concepts by Eric Van Landingham

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Play Insane Metal Solos And Headbanging Riffs With Eric Van Landingham’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll be able to quickly visualize all the critical metal guitar chords and scales
  2. Connect - You’ll connect chords and scales into massive riffs that have that “authentic” metal sound
  3. Play - You’ll play blistering metal riffs and solos with confidence, even if you’re a newbie

Includes: Over 1 hour of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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Here is what you get:

  • Over 1h of Online Video Lessons
    Downloadable Tab Book

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Rhythm Guitar Without Root Notes

Fast Passages With Hammer-ons And Pull-offs

How To Play A Killer Power Chord Riff

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Ultimate Metal Guitar Concepts

Essential Techniques

  • How to eliminate root notes from your basic chord patterns, so your guitar will cut through a PA system or recording like a laser-beam
  • A simple “climbing” technique, so you can visualize patterns across your entire fretboard (and eliminate guesswork)
  • 2 killer metal riffs to add to your arsenal, so you can create your own solos from scratch
  • 1 super-fast method to learn tricky riffs and patterns, so you can play them across the fretboard in any key

Pro Soloing Tips And Tricks

  • Pro tips on vibratos and bends, so they’re TWICE as easy to play
  • How to play a clean "pinch harmonic", so you can create those breathtaking moments in your guitar solos.
  • A unique approach to soloing that will have other guitarists scratching their heads… (NOTE: You're going to get A LOT of attention with this, so use it wisely!)

How to Play More Than Just “Boring” Pentatonic Scales

  • Discover what “chromatic” playing really means, and how you can use it to skyrocket your creativity
  • 1 killer "stair stepping" chromatic trick to spice up your riffs and solos, so you can build tension and emotion with your playing
  • A simple trick to add a chromatic feel to your solos that will give them a whole new spin

The Secret to Perfect Phrasing

  • Find out why it's great to know how to shred, but it’s crucial to know how to stay in time with the music
  • Highly effective ways to develop your sense of timing, so you’re never playing at a different pace than other people in your band
  • How to use chord expansions in the “real world.” Which means, you’ll create chord progressions that sound amazing using simple techniques.

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