Unlocking The Fretboard Connection
by Steve Stine

4.93 out of 5
(60 customer reviews)

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  1. Get clarity on scales and where to play them on your fretboard
  2. Learn to combine scales using easy patterns and master all 5 playing positions
  3. Create amazing guitar solos from scratch for any style of music
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1 Easy Scale To Play A Hot Rock Solo

1 Easy Way To Spice Up Your Solos

1 Weird Trick to Memorizing Pentatonic Patterns

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Unlocking The Fretboard Connection

Module 1 - The Pentatonic Connection

  • Discover how to visualize pentatonic patterns on the fretboard, so you know “what” and “where” to play without any hesitation.
  • How to move smoothly through playing positions, so you can create licks and solos that connect across the fretboard.
  • Understand the critical concept of meandering, which means you’ll never play solos that just sound like a scale.
  • Laser-focused practice tips that will help you make progress fast, so you won’t waste time “noodling” around.

Module 2 - The Diatonic Connection

  • Discover how to transpose licks into any key using the “treadmill technique,” so you can play your favorite guitar licks over any song.
  • Pro tips and tricks on how to visually master the fretboard, so you never have to look at your fingers again.
  • How to unlock vertical and horizontal (X and Y axis method) movement across the fretboard, so your solos always sound melodic and engaging.
  • Start applying your fretboard skills in the “real world” for styles like blues, rock, country and pop, and solo like a pro, even if you’re a beginner.

About Steve Stine

60 reviews for Unlocking The Fretboard Connection

  1. Graeme Chandler (verified owner)

    Hi Steve. Thanks for your videos. I discovered you recently and have just signed up for my first course with you. It does not disappoint. I agree withe everyone who says what a good teacher you are. Your approach, and clear communication, make your courses extremely accessible. I’ve been playing classical guitar for over 45 years but there’s a lot I’ve missed. Your courses and YouTube videos are filling the gap very effectively. Highly recommended.

  2. Keith Melancon

    It’s a wonderful resource and instruction taught by an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend to any guitarist this course or virtually any course offered by Steve Stine and GuitarZoom.

  3. Thomas Heiser (verified owner)

    I just started on this course “The Pentatonic Connection” and it has filled in alot of gaps for me. Highly recommend this 2 part course “The Fretboard Connection”. Great information delivered in a very understandable manner. Great work, Steve!

  4. Leroy Roth (verified owner)

    Every thing I have tried has been very good, I have 15 courses on my page as of now, working on “music theory for Life”. First seen Steve on you tube about 2 months ago, I played in country bars 50 yrs ago, and then quit playing for a long long time. I am 72 now and really excited again, crazy huh.

  5. Richard Ponthier

    So far it is awesome. I am moving very slow. Being a working man with a family I don’t get a lot of free time. I’ve always wanted to learn correctly. I Played for 4 years and quit due to lack of motivation and frustration. After 33 years I bought a guitar and found Steve Stine….Wow

  6. Ray Kolodzieczak (verified owner)

    The accessibility Steve provides with this course is awesome. Although I am still working through the first half of the Course (Pentatonic Connection), the methodology employed by Steve has helped me to understand the relationship between the different scale positions so that I am able to work my way through the scale both vertically and horizontally on the fretboard. Of course I still need to practice more, but Steve’s teaching style has helped me to understand that learning this is definitely doable. I am excited to get to the second half of this lesson (Diatonic Connection) when I am ready.

    Thanks Steve.

  7. Michael Marx (verified owner)

    The course is a must if you want to learn theory and the proper way to play. I have been playing off and on for 40 years and knew zero theory. I sure wish this was a option 40 years ago…Thanks Steve. You could slow down just a little. Also what is the next step to learning theory after this course? I want to keep learning like this… God bless… 🙂

  8. Ryan Harvey

    I’ll say this for all the courses: Steve is a true inspiration and has changed my last attempt to learn guitar, into something very easy to follow and start learning real good, need to know, material. I am so happy I came across Steve on youtube one day. I instantly knew it was a day of change from that moment on. I then went and found all these courses and so far have shoveled out over $600 on courses from him. I think Steve is the only one that is able to get this scary information into my head and make it start making real sense. I truly would never have paid what I paid if I didn’t think it was worth it but Steve is doing something that thousands of others just can’t and that is be a badass teacher. He almost deserves double the price and in the end you just really can’t put a true price tag on instruction that is actually starting to stick with you and get you places. Thank you Steve…. I hope you’re actually getting paid from these videos because you are well deserving of it.

  9. Kevin Maze

    How much can I add to what’s been written? Here’s the short version: this course is a MUST HAVE! It is very aptly named, “Unlocking the Fretboard Connection,” because that is exactly what it does. It goes through the pentatonic scales and shows how they are connected along the fretboard, then it explains diatonic scales and how they are related to pentatonic, and boom, the mystery of the fretboard is unlocked. If you are a beginner or have simply never studied the fretboard (like me), then again, this is a no-questions must have! Thanks Steve!!

  10. Rick Smith

    This was definitely a good investment. Just one or two new concepts made it worthwhile for me. I already had the pentatonic shapes pretty well memorized, but was mystified by where to play if it was a major or minor key. This totally clarified that, as well as learning more about meandering up and down the fretboard through the pentatonic shapes. Several other concepts were really helpful.

  11. Murray Duclos

    This course has been very helpful.I try to practice everyday. Thanks Steve

  12. David Wood

    I was rolling along with this Diatonic connection part of this.
    The fingerings were similiar to those I had seen/used before.
    When Steve switched to the longer fingerings it threw me off because I had the prior fingerings in hand pretty good. The longer fingerings are a little more of a stretch. I will have to reprogram myself for the stretches and pattern. I have considered not using the stretch fingerings but I want to do as taught. It will take some work.
    Otherwise I feel the instruction is excellent.

  13. Bryan Chan (verified owner)

    What can I say? I sat down on the pentatonic connection, and learnt ALL the positions in under a week and was meandering before I knew it. I then sat down to diatonic connection, and when Steve said, diatonic is easier than pentatonic I didnt believe him. but after looking at the charts and finding “connections” on it and his videos, I was meandering on diatonic in less than 24 hours! I still dont remember ALL 7 positions by heart, the trick (and more practical) is knowing how to WORK IT OUT ON THE FLY. and to me that is better for meandering. thanks so much Steve, I soon bought modes made easy, and that was a massive help, I now know how MODES fit into music, and all these diatonic, pentatonic, modes, and what not are just “layers” of viewing your fretboard and once you add these in, the fretboard is no longer a mystery, Im purchasing CAGED made simple next! Im addicted! courses are quite expensive yes, BUT you learn F******* FAST!! to me thats a time saver which I would happily pay for.

  14. Julio Len

    After playing guitar on and off for about 35 years for fun, this course is definitely an eye-opener. Steve makes it easy to visualize the pentatonic and diatonic patterns in the fretboard. I just wish I had these lessons when I was in my teens. The bonus material and wisdom pearls are also very helpful.
    Nice work gentlemen!

  15. Joe Turner

    Short, and to the point. Steve is as everyone says an outstanding teacher. He breaks things down in a way that is easy to understand. This course and Music Theory for Life have without a doubt changed my playing for the better. Even if your not a beginner, but are not where you want to be, this course will change the way you look at the guitar and without a doubt in my mind will make you a better guitarist overall. Well worth the price. Keep up the awesome lessons!

  16. Jeffrey Voyles

    Very satisfied with the lessons in Unlocking the fretboard. I really appreciate all the hard work included in this course. My mind has expanded to a level I didn’t think was quite there but it is with practice and patience as Steve has discussed. Can’t Thankyou all enough and will continue and practice daily as Steve again discussed. Thanks very much! Jeff V. It’s about my ability not anyone else’s. Hats off to you all. ???????❤️✌?

  17. Harold Starkey

    I have taken Steve’s advice and I am practicing the minor pentatonic box positions everyday. I started with Box #1 and moved along when to the next when I could feel comfortable knowing two, then three positions. I am beginning to get faster at linking them together to work the fretboard, and once I have a high comfort level I will go to the Diatonic Connection section.


    I’m fortunate in that I played horn in school, so I knew the 12 notes and the treble clef notation. I was also fortunate in that the first scale patterns I took on in my guitar journey were the A-minor pentatonic shapes. Steve and Dan have worked to make Steve’s instructional videos basic and logical. Not much fluff… Lots of good stuff…

  19. Howard Dahlberg

    Solid foundational stuff, and Steve breaks it down into simple enough parcels to make it digestible. This course is not a one time through it and you’re done kind of study: the concepts are things you will be able to ponder and practice over a lifetime of playing. Using the things Steve shares, you will be able to keep improving and never get bored, and you will never be able to say, “I have arrived…”. You will never outlive the usefulness of “Unlocking The Fretboard Connection”.

  20. Donald Staniszewski

    I too, have found that I have to go over some of the things a couple of times and review it again. However, that being said it is pretty well done. Sometimes the finger placements move a bit too fast for me in his video. Diagrams would be a help too – but overall, this is a great course and it is very helpful!

  21. Mark Winslow

    Steve has outstanding communication skills. His positive attitude is very helpful in keeping me motivated and positive. He explains everything clearly. He doesn’t talk down to students like so many other teachers do. He feels like a true partner in our journey. I’m enjoying this online training a lot because of him. My only suggestion would be, give us some diagrams to help us learn the Pentatonic – the tab does not give us a visual picture..

  22. Paul Gifford

    This course was very enlightening, especially when Steve explained how he learned the 5 positions of the pentatonic scale.
    When he told the secret of how there is 2- 1, 4’s and 3- 1, 3’s it was like a light bulb being turned on. I looked at the scale many times but never realized how easy it was to learn. Forgetting about the 6th string was also a very interesting way to look at it. Thanks Steve.

  23. Sean Arnold

    I have been following Steve Stine for a few months. For some reason, he is the one person that has been able to help me connect the dots to fill in the blanks of information I have. I would totally recommend this course, especially if you know that what you’re doing needs improving, and if you want to put a name to that thing you do, but don’t know what it is. Please don’t pass this course up.

  24. Jay Meeboer

    This course is very easy to understand for the beginner to the seasoned player and is life changing for all to learn. Steve Stine teaches all 5 shapes of the major and the minor pentatonic scales and how they fit on the fretboard. A fun method is introduced called meandering, which helps develop your first steps of soloing while visualizing the fretboard the easy way. Steve shows you how to expand the pentatonic scale just by adding 2 notes to apply the diatonic scale, to make your solos sound more melodic. This is a ‘must’ guitar course to learn, for the serious guitar player who wants to learn the pentatonic and diatonic scales and expand their fretboard knowledge.

  25. Tommy Pettitte

    the course is very easy to follow, and Steve Is very good at teaching the pentatonic and diatonic scales, I go back to review often, Steve’s teaching you can go at your on pace, great teacher

  26. Scott Reid

    Steve makes everything sound so simple and straight forward. I find I do have to go over the video a few times to pick things up (My old mind is not what it used to be). But, that being said, right off the getgo I picked up a lot of information. And a bunch of new licks to work on. I also had a number of “ahah” light bulb going off moments as well watching the videos. Especially how well he explained the major/minor switch. Thanks for another great course Steve and Guitarzoom.

  27. Rick Schnur

    Excellent course for understanding pentatonic and diatonic concepts. Steve does a great job presenting the material in small segments that build on each other. I use it as reference too! No wasted time with this course.

  28. Dan Nadolny

    I can’t say enough about Steve’s teaching methods. He has a natural ability to break things down into understandable concepts and has helped to fill in the gaps in my understanding of music theory and fretboard concepts. Highly recommended.

  29. Bruce Campbell

    This is a great course that I return to from time to time because it helps with so many things, especially in becoming more intimate with the entire fretboard.

  30. Lamont Ciulla

    This course helped me to learn the pentatonic and diatonic scales much faster. I wish Steve would do a course on how to practice them to build speed. I would highly recommend this course for those that need help in learning all the positions of the pentatonic and diatonic scales.

  31. Allen Black

    This is a really good guitar course for learning Pentatonic and Diatonic scales. Steve is a great guitar teacher. He takes things at a slower pace simplifying things as best as possible. I highly recommend and own many courses by Steve Stine including this one.

  32. Jacob Mattos

    Unlocking the Fretboard Connection gracefully explains the pentatonic and spread-finger diatonic scales; how to learn them, practice them, and absorb them fully. I learned the notes for the ‘boxed’ diatonic scale, and the pentatonic scale, a few months before taking the course, but was having trouble visualizing the scales while playing, and moving confidently between the shapes.

    After a couple weeks of finishing the course, I noticed major improvement in my comfort of moving between the shapes and scales. I created hand-written scale charts to help visualize the notes on the fretboard, and although the course didn’t dive into the ‘boxed’ diatonic shapes, I was able to apply knowledge of the ‘boxed shapes’ to the techniques Steve taught. It’s been about a year now, and I practice my diatonic scales every morning. Part of my morning routine includes picking 4 random keys to run through, and I overlap the boxed and spread-fingered diatonic shapes, until they fall off the fretboard in both directions. As a result of the way this course tied it all together, I am able to play in any key, and see the boxed diatonic and spread finger diatonic scales light-up over the pentatonic scale, across my entire fretboard! The visualization piece came a bit later, (after months of practice, and jamming) but this course set me up for it, and having that visualization with combined muscle memory from practice, feels like complete mastery of the scales!

    This course also enabled me to fully transpose any lick or pattern and build speed/chops with confidence for where I am on the fretboard. This course opened doors for me to learn CAGED theory, Modes, and how to create chords from scales. I’ve also added some music theory to the mix, which bumped everything up. In summary, this is the foundational course for lead guitar that will take you to the next level of playing. Thank you Steve!

  33. David Colledge

    I think it’ll take me a couple of years to work through this course. At this stage after 6 months I am starting and I do mean starting to get the hang of the pentatonic scale. At my age things don’t stick in your head like they used to. Good course by the way,

  34. Frank O’Connor

    I learned guitar in the 70’s but never learned theory. This course I love it. Gives me whole new way of looking at the frettboard. I wish I had learned all this before. Steve makes it all so simple to learn.

    Frank O’Connor- Canada

  35. Joe Fry

    Greatly improved my understanding of the Pentatonic and Diatonic scales and how to incorporated them in my daily practice routine.

  36. Gregory Davenport

    I have to say after playing for 40 yrs. and I have still have learned so much with Steve Stine, I just wish I had found him a long time ago. His instructions are so easy to understand and he definitely knows how to communicate to each individual no matter their level of playing.
    It would be a true honor to actually get to meet Steve and take one on one lessons even after playing for 40 yrs. and in several bands, I only played rhythm/chords. Never knew theory or scales until Steve’s courses and videos.
    I encourage anyone wishing to learn guitar to get online and get Steve’s courses and videos. THANK YOU STEVE !!!!!

  37. Vic Soboleski

    Where can I start,i was at one point ahead of some beginners when it came to pentatonics. It was the first lead stuff my in person teacher imparted onto me ,and I learned the 5 positions/shapes quickly ,that new student eagerness and obsession took over when I thought all I needed was this info. but I only could do what was either within each position or eventually what was within the 5th 1st and 2nd positions with an “extended pentatonic ” run from 6th string to 1st string my teacher taught me(which was excellent info) ,but I couldn’t see or find my way to move laterally through the pentatonic shapes beyond that one channel, or worse how I was going to learn to do so.so I fell behind as quick as I jumped ahead.this course is the perfect next step to anyone just past beginner (or beyond) to get you learning both mentally and physically how to solo or play lead work within a key with the pentatonic scale. There’s a bit of work for one to do here still ,but it’s layed out in a way where if you do the work your gonna benefit! and it all makes perfect simple sense!The only problem now is ,forgetting my old regime of playing each position at practice ,and moving through the positions as taught in this course .i have to sort of relearn (in a better way what I’ve been doing) this helpful manner of actual useful skills.this to me is the hardest part of guitar ,relearning different approaches of what you thought you knew cold.my point being ,don’t do it the hard way !This course would be one of my top ten from guitar zoom, if not higher if your more of a beginner like myself.i have a ton of lessons I started in GZ, but this course is one I finished and rewatch. I dont mean to ramble on ,but the simple methods here may not be taken seriously.this would be a mistake, I can’t stress enough how if I learned pentatonics this way at the start how much further in my playing I’d be

  38. Charles Alfinito

    Excellent course. The concepts in this course are what everyone needs to understand early on. Steve always has excellent explanations and tips for memorizing and visualizing. Even as an intermediate player I still find useful tips in Steve’s teaching. I would prefer to see some visuals onscreen instead of only on PDFs. Also for this course since there is an intro solo (with tabs) it would be useful to explain some of the licks as they pertain to moving between positions.

  39. Alfred Bates

    I haven’t had the chance to fully delve into the course as I’d like so far but am certainly excited about what I have seen of it up to now. As always, Steve has provided an invaluable source of practical teaching fundamentals for any aspiring guitarist to benefit from.

  40. Kishen Whabi

    I learnt to play a bit of guitar in my teens and then couldn’t pursue playing for about 30 years. I came across Steve Stine and Guitar Zoom a couple of years back and it rekindled my pursuit of wanting to learn soloing. The Unlocking the Fretboard Connection course and Steve’s teaching was a great place to start! It has taught me my way around the Pentatonic and Diatonic shapes and has made it easier now to learn the other courses that I have purchased from Guitar Zoom. If you want to get started with soloing, I couldn’t recommend a better course or teacher!

  41. Andy Ney

    Great course made even better with Steve at the helm I highly recommend any of the Guitar zoom courses a must for anyone who wishes to be a Great Guitarist..

  42. Wayne Dadswell

    To be honest i have not started the course yet as i had some problems playing it on my laptops,(oldtec),.However as a lazy bastard i am gonna start 1 day soon, I like what i see and it makes sense, I am stepping over from a life of bass.so its all new to me . Keep them coming .

  43. Raymond Juliano

    So far, I like the courses I have purchased. The only comment I’d make is to have them slowed down just a bit so I can see what strings and at what frets he is playing at. The reason for this is that I am 76 years young and lost the vision in my left eye in 2008, so it takes me just a bit longer to see what he is doing on the neck. I’ve never taken any guitar lessons and just picked up the little I know by myself now and then when I haven’t been going to school or working. Now that I fully retired last year, I have the time to try and become a better guitar player. I do like his style of teaching even for an old fart like me. I also like being able to replay the lessons as needed, as it usually takes me a few times to get it down right. Thank you for asking…Ray Juliano, 7/7/2017

  44. Jon Gorrell

    This course contains knowledge the guitarist must know to grow and, as always with Steve Stine, is put into terms that are easy to grasp and use immediately. Highly recommend it. Take the course to expand your skills because that’s when you’ll begin to play better, sound better and feel the confidence every guitar player is seeking.

  45. Robert Loncar

    It’s perhaps the most important Steve’s nonmasterclass course (in my humble opinion). Only thing for better understanding of this course could be improved tabs. I prefer more showing of pentatonic/diatonic positions with dots on fretboard (like on pages 20, 21) instead numbers in tabs. And comparison/expansion between them is missing in that way. Especially because there is section named: “importance of visualizing your fretboard” 🙂
    Otherwise, all Steve’s tips and advices are usually superb.

  46. Nathan Crooks

    Love the way Steve explains things. I just wish I had more time to practice!

  47. Joey Vasquez

    Great course! The way Steve systematically breaks down and explains it makes it easy to apply to your playing. His approach and attitude makes it enjoyable to learn. These lessons have gotten me out the rut I was in and couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended!

  48. James Shannon

    I really enjoy Steve`s video lessons and he makes it fun to watch..

  49. Michael Fitzgerald

    I’m giving this course 5 stars despite never finishing it. The first part, the pentatonic connection, is excellent and I learned so much from it that it was worth the money on it’s own. The second part, the diatonic connection, I have to admit freezes my brain every time I try to watch it. I’m sure that’s my fault, not Steve’s, because his style of tuition is faultless – something in my head just isn’t getting it… I don’t have what I call that “lightbulb moment” when everything suddenly makes sense.

    I will though. I’ll keep watching the videos until I get it.

  50. Jeff Henry

    Great course, this is the first course that I purchased from GuitarZoom and found that Steve’s teaching technique really clicked with me. I have recommended it to many of my friends.

  51. Michael Goffe

    I am being a bit slow covering the courses, but I find Steves way of teaching very easy to follow, I am re learning a lot about theory that I have not really thought about since school, and I am now 74, the fretboard now has no great mysteries for me, I recommend Steves courses whole heartedly,

  52. Jack Webb

    Steve is an awesome instructor that takes the mystery out of the fret board. It is exciting to see my progress and now I want to learn more! Thank you for making the guitar easy to play!

  53. Andrew Down

    Loved it. I learned music theory on piano but on guitar I am essentially self taught. This course has connected many, many missing pieces for me.
    What was particularly great was Steve who is enthusiastic, friendly and humble. He made me want to practice and want to learn more.

  54. Robert Stephenson

    This course was when, I think, playing guitar finally started to make sense. Steve’s “trick” to learning the box positions really opened the fret board up for me. While I still have a lot to learn (and a ton of other Guitar Zoom courses to complete) I am playing with much more confidence than I ever have. Thank you Steve and Guitar Zoom!

  55. Larry Smith

    Great Course. Brings all the bits and pieces about the topic together in one concise series of lessons. Tons of Aha! moments especially when you go back over the material.

  56. Tony Homewood

    Incredibly easy to listen to, in a style that anyone can understand.

    An invaluable addition to your musical journey. Invest with confidence and the team at Guitarzoom look after everyone.


  57. Martyn Ramsden

    Great course to improve my pentatonic scales & positions plus I love Steve’s teaching style. Initially I set out to by all guitar zoom courses but the constant high pressure sales has really put me off buying any more.
    The time sensitive offers always happen when I’m just not ready so 2 months later it’s at full whack so I just don’t bother. Cue Steve Krenz & Licklibrary !!

  58. Robert Gojmerac

    This is where I started. Steve is an excellent teacher. Now, I have purchased many of his courses. I hope to continue growing into the future. Highly recommend.

  59. Ronald Rees

    This is a very comprehension presentation. For me personally, it was overdue. Add to that my lateness had some gaps or weakness’s which were quickly identifable. The practice methods suggested by Steve made prefect sence and now I’ve seen a path forward. This is progress, even for us die-hard theory geeks! I’m way behind on the practicing part. Maybe GZ knew this before I did. I do recommend this for guitar players who may have skipped some of the bacics…I know a few..just saying. Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  60. Gail Merrill

    Excellent course. Was exactly what I was looking for to help me figure out the fretboard using patterns and shapes to start on the road to soloing. Highly recommended. Thanks Steve Stine.

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