Rhythm & Strumming

Rhythm is the backbone of music, no matter the style. These courses will help you play rock-solid rhythm. So you can create a groove and push songs forward.

Steve Stine130 mins

Strumming With Style

Play your favorite songs without hesitating. Strumming With Style gives you essential rhythm techniques, so you can stay in time when you play. You’ll get easy and effective strumming patterns. And some advanced strumming patterns used by legendary bands.

Number of weeks: 6
Steve Stine283 mins

Thunder Rock Riffs Masterclass

With Thunder Rock Riffs Masterclass, you'll be able to create smokin' hot riffs in just 6 weeks. You'll also get jam tracks for every lick Steve plays as well as 2 live video coaching sessions with Steve. Sign up for this exclusive masterclass today, because space is limited.

Steve Stine71 mins

Ultimate Guitar Strumming Secrets

Build your rhythm chops with Ultimate Guitar Strumming Secrets. This course makes jamming fun and easy. You’ll gain confidence and learn how to figure out songs in every style.

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