Scales are an essential part of music. And if you want to learn to solo, you have to learn at least a scale or two. These courses make scales easy and fun, so you can start playing solos right away.

Number of weeks: 6
Steve Stine4+ hours

Modes Made Easy Masterclass

In this awesome masterclass, Steve Stine explains all 7 modes. And he gives you pro tips on when to use them. You’ll have a serious edge over other guitarists after this course. Sign up today, because space is limited.

Steve Stine1.5 hours

Unlocking The Fretboard Connection

Unlocking The Fretboard Connection helps you play pentatonic and diatonic scales across the fretboard. You'll find out how to combine scales to create licks. This course will help you solo with confidence in any style of music.

Steve Stine1 hours

Scales Made Simple

Make sense of scales with Scales Made Simple. Steve Stine is going to show you how a little scale knowledge can skyrocket your guitar solos. You'll get practical info about the major and minor pentatonic scales, the hybrid scale, the dorian scale, and more. So you can solo with confidence.