These courses show you how to perform pro techniques the right way. So you can play killer guitar solos and sound amazing.

Steve Stine40 mins

Master The Technique of Speed Picking

Play faster than you ever thought possible. Master The Technique Of Speed Picking gives you simple exercises that will build speed and strength in both hands. So you can play fast for a long time without getting tired.

Rob Ashe2.5+ hours

Slide Guitar Secrets

Slide Guitar Secrets is a step-by-step intro to playing slide guitar. Rob Ashe shows you everything, from how to set up your guitar to what type of slide is right for you. You'll be playing bluesy slide licks in no time with this awesome course.

Steve Stine3 hours

Ultimate Chops Builder

Boost the physical side of your playing with Ultimate Chops Builder. You’ll get a ton of exercises that will develop strength and accuracy in both of your hands. And you’ll play everything cleanly and efficiently. WARNING: this is NOT a theory course, and it’s not for beginners.

Steve Stine12 mins

Eddie Van Halen Style Tapping

Eddie Van Halen is known worldwide for his signature tapping technique. Let Steve Stine break down how it's done and see what it can do for your lead guitar playing. You'll learn how to tap with precise control, and you'll quickly learn how to use tapping to create your own blazing hot licks and solos.

Steve Stine20 mins

Effective Open String Tapping

String tapping can add serious speed and dynamics to your licks and solos. Steve Stine is going to break this awesome technique down for you. So you can tap with confidence and precision.

Steve Stine9 mins

Essentials of Fundamental Fingerpicking

Spice up your rhythm playing with fingerpicking. Essentials Of Fundamental Fingerpicking shows you some basic fingerpicking patterns for essential chords. So you can start fingerpicking right away.

Steve Stine2.5 hours

Essentials Of Soloing - Learn To Phrase In 14 Days

Stop playing solos that sound like scales. Make your guitar "sing." Create musical solos with Learn To Phrase In 14 Days.

Steve Stine1 hours

How to Create the Ultimate Guitar Tone

Shape your guitar tone to fit any playing situation. Create A Killer Guitar Tone shows you how to find your signature tone. And you’ll find out how to get the tones Steve uses in his videos.

Steve Stine1.5 hours

Master Picking Styles for Acoustic Guitar

Skyrocket your acoustic playing with Master Picking Styles For Acoustic Guitar. This course shows you how to flatpick and fingerpick the right way. Plus, you’ll learn memorable parts of classic songs.

Steve Stine14 mins

Tips For A Killer Lead Tone

If you want to sound like a pro when you play lead guitar, you have to know how to get a great tone from your equipment. In this video, Steve Stine breaks down the elements of tone and shows you how to get the tone you want from your guitar and amp.

Steve Stine5 hours

Goodbye Boring Solos

Say “goodbye” to boring guitar solos with this course. Master techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, and string bends. Learn how to practice the right way. You’ll get 42 awesome guitar licks, and pro tips on how to create kick-ass guitar solos from scratch.

Steve Stine2 hours

Ear Training Made Easy

Unlock the secret to playing by ear. Learn songs 10X faster. Ear Training Made Easy shows you how to hear chord changes. So you can stop depending on crappy internet tabs and start playing songs by ear.

Steve Stine3.5 hours

Ultimate Practice Routine

Make the most of your practice time. Ultimate Practice Routine gives you all the essential skills you need as a guitarist. Easy to follow practice sessions will improve your skills as fast as possible.

Steve Stine5.5 hours

Song Secrets

Unlock the secrets of pro songwriters with this course. Song Secrets is going to show you common chord progressions that are used in all styles of music. So you can learn songs by ear and create your own awesome songs from scratch.

Rob Ashe2.5+ hours

Slide Guitar Master Open Tunings

Play authentic blues slide guitar with this killer course. Rob Ashe is going to break everything down for you, including how to tune your guitar to open D and open G, and how to play classic blues songs in these tunings. Once you master open tunings, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you on guitar.

Number of weeks: 6
Steve Stine6.5+ hours

Home Recording Masterclass

How to make hassle-free home recordings that you'll be proud to share with friends and family.

Steve Stine15 hours

Play Guitar for Life

A 50-Module All-In-One Course Covering Fundamentals, Chords, Theory, Blues And Soloing From The World's Most Sought After Guitar Instructor, Steve Stine™