These courses are all about playing killer guitar solos. We’ve got soloing courses for all skill levels, and they’re guaranteed to skyrocket your guitar solos, no matter what style of music you play.

Steve Stine3 hours

10 Classic Rock Solos

With 10 Classic Rock Solos, you can play 10 of the all-time greatest classic rock solos… with confidence. You’ll master techniques of legendary guitarists like Brian May, Slash, and Randy Rhoads. And you’ll also get the chords for each song, plus backing tracks.

Steve Stine2.5+ hours

10 Simple Solos

Play 10 simple (but awesome) rock solos and skyrocket your technique. 10 Simple Solos shows you how to play iconic solos from bands like Metallica, Poison, and Nirvana, as well as solos from guitar legends like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Plus, you’ll get the chords for each song and backing tracks to play along with.

Steve Stine2.5 hours

All About Blues Licks

Play authentic blues licks and solos with All About Blues Licks. You'll find out how to play 46 killer blues licks. And you’ll master essential techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bends, and slides. After this course, you’ll be able to create smokin' hot blues solos from scratch... and solo with confidence.

Steve Stine2.5 hours

CAGED Made Simple

Turn 5 chords into 60 with CAGED Made Simple. This course shows you how to master the fretboard with 5 basic chord shapes. You’ll combine these chords with the pentatonic scale to create awesome licks. This course will skyrocket both your rhythm and lead playing.

Steve Stine1.5 hours

Chord Chasing Mastery

Play exciting solos. Improvise killer licks. Never memorize a single scale. Skyrocket your solos with Chord Chasing Mastery, no matter your skill level.

Steve Stine2.5 hours

Essentials Of Soloing - Learn To Phrase In 14 Days

Stop playing solos that sound like scales. Make your guitar "sing." Create musical solos with Learn To Phrase In 14 Days.

Steve Stine4.5 hours

Guitar Solos Made Easy

Guitar Solos Made Easy lets you play your favorite guitar solos in half the time. You’ll master skills like string bends, slides, and vibrato, so you can sound awesome when you play. You’ll get all the essential scales, as well as Steve’s absolute ninja trick “chord chasing.” So you can solo with confidence over any song.

Steve Stine4 hours

Real World Soloing

Real World Soloing will help you play guitar solos in any style. You’ll discover essential scales and create your own awesome solos from scratch. This course is a practical guide to guitar solos, and it will let you solo with confidence over any song.

Steve Stine4+ hours


Learn how to think like a pro guitarist with Solofire. Master all the important scales and play killer guitar licks with ease. Find out how to choose the right scale for any solo. Craft catchy phrases from scratch, and connect them to create amazing guitar solos.

Steve Stine1.5 hours

Soloing By Instinct

Soloing By Instinct helps you find the best way for YOU to play cover songs and solos. Which means, you’ll play naturally and comfortably… and sound amazing. You’ll find out how to quickly choose the best scale for any song, so you can stop hesitating about which notes to play and start playing killer guitar solos. Plus, you’ll find out how to play 6 awesome classic rock tunes.

Steve Stine1.5 hours

Unlocking The Fretboard Connection

Unlocking The Fretboard Connection helps you play pentatonic and diatonic scales across the fretboard. You'll find out how to combine scales to create licks. This course will help you solo with confidence in any style of music.


These courses show you how to play tons of awesome guitar licks in a wide range of styles. So you can create your own killer guitar solos from scratch.
Steve Stine2 hours

36 Acoustic Licks

Play red-hot leads on acoustic guitar with 36 Acoustic Licks. You’ll play licks from styles like blues, country, and rockabilly. And you’ll connect them to play awesome solos. You’ll stand out when you play acoustic, no matter what style you play.

Steve Stine3 hours

36 Metal Licks

Create your own blazing metal solos from scratch. With 36 Metal Licks, you’ll play killer licks from legends like George Lynch, John Petrucci and more. And you’ll learn the techniques that give metal its own unique sound.

Steve Stine6+ hours

96 Blues Licks

Solo like a blues guitar legend. Improvise your own killer blues leads from scratch. Learn the solos of your favorite guitarists twice as fast. With 96 Blues Licks, you’ll learn a ton of blues licks... and you’ll learn how to connect them to create awesome blues solos.

Steve Stine4 hours

96 Rock Licks

Stop being “just a rhythm guitarist.” With 96 Rock Licks, you'll get a ton of licks, from blues-rock bends to Van Halen-style divebombs. And you'll connect them across the fretboard to play awesome solos.

Steve Stine18 mins

Arpeggio Secrets

If you want to really shred, you need to know about arpeggios. In this course, you’ll find out how to use arpeggios from a lead guitarist’s perspective. So you can play blazing licks that sound awesome.

Steve Stine4 hours

Wicked Lick Of The Day - Complete Video Library

Expand your rock arsenal with Wicked Lick Of The Day - Complete Video Library. You’ll get 32 killer rock licks from famous guitarists and bands. So you can play licks and solos like the pros.


These Masterclasses give you an in-depth study of the guitar on a variety of topics. With Steve Stine as your guide, you’ll reach new heights on the guitar.
Number of weeks: 6
Steve Stine5 hours

1970's Guitar Soloing Masterclass

In this exclusive masterclass, Steve Stine shows you how to play like icons of 1970s guitar rock. You'll solo like Carlos Santana, fingerpick like Lindsey Buckingham, and play riffs like Tony Iommi. Your playing and your songwriting will skyrocket. Sign up for this exclusive masterclass today, because space is limited.

Number of weeks: 8
Steve Stine6 hours

1980's Guitar Soloing Masterclass

This red-hot course breaks down the playing styles of legendary shredders from the 1980s. Steve Stine is going to show you techniques used by guitarists like Slash, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, and more. Steve will show you everything note by note, bend by bend, and tap by tap how to play like the legends of 1980s rock guitar. Sign up for this exclusive masterclass today, because space is limited.

Number of weeks: 10
Steve Stine8 hours

Blues Soloing Masterclass

Take your blues solos to the next level with this intensive course. Steve Stine breaks down advanced soloing techniques like intervallic movement and parallel keys. Plus, you'll get pro tips about the hybrid scale. You'll be playing blues solos like the greats after this awesome course. Space is limited, so sign up today.

Number of weeks: 8
Steve Stine8 hours

Guitar Soloing Masterclass

In Guitar Soloing Masterclass, Steve Stine is going to show you how to solo like the pros and create your own solos from scratch. This 8-week online course will give you the ability to stand on stage and solo with confidence. Sign up for this masterclass today, because space is limited.

Speed Picking

These courses help you develop the physical side of your guitar playing. So you can play songs all the way through without getting tired… and play with speed and precision.
Steve Stine5 hours

Goodbye Boring Solos

Say “goodbye” to boring guitar solos with this course. Master techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, and string bends. Learn how to practice the right way. You’ll get 42 awesome guitar licks, and pro tips on how to create kick-ass guitar solos from scratch.

Steve Stine40 mins

Master The Technique of Speed Picking

Play faster than you ever thought possible. Master The Technique Of Speed Picking gives you simple exercises that will build speed and strength in both hands. So you can play fast for a long time without getting tired.

Steve Stine3 hours

Ultimate Chops Builder

Boost the physical side of your playing with Ultimate Chops Builder. You’ll get a ton of exercises that will develop strength and accuracy in both of your hands. And you’ll play everything cleanly and efficiently. WARNING: this is NOT a theory course, and it’s not for beginners.