These courses are all about developing your personal style on guitar. No matter your skill level, you can always keep improving.

Steven Dahlberg6 hours

Play Delta Blues Now

Get in touch with the art of Delta Blues with Steve Dahlberg’s “Play Delta Blues Now”. This course focuses on playing Delta Blues on a solo acoustic guitar. You'll find out how to play walking bass lines and melodies on one guitar. So you can sound amazing, even when you play by yourself.

Rob Ashe2.5+ hours

Slide Guitar Secrets

Slide Guitar Secrets is a step-by-step intro to playing slide guitar. Rob Ashe shows you everything, from how to set up your guitar to what type of slide is right for you. You'll be playing bluesy slide licks in no time with this awesome course.

Steve Stine9 mins

Essentials of Fundamental Fingerpicking

Spice up your rhythm playing with fingerpicking. Essentials Of Fundamental Fingerpicking shows you some basic fingerpicking patterns for essential chords. So you can start fingerpicking right away.

Steven Dahlberg2.5 hours

Acoustic Blues Guitar SD

This step-by-step course will have you playing authentic acoustic blues songs in no time. Steve Dahlberg is going to show you crucial keys used in acoustic blues, as well as the regional styles that emerged in the U.S. in the early 1900s, including the "Delta Style."

Steve Stine4 hours

96 Rock Licks

Stop being “just a rhythm guitarist.” With 96 Rock Licks, you'll get a ton of licks, from blues-rock bends to Van Halen-style divebombs. And you'll connect them across the fretboard to play awesome solos.

Rob Ashe2+ hours

Play Bluegrass Guitar Now

Play killer bluegrass guitar with this awesome course. In Play Bluegrass Guitar Now, Rob Ashe is going to show you how to burn through bluegrass licks, patterns, and songs that once seemed impossible. You'll be flatpicking like a pro after this course.

Steve Stine1.5 hours

Master Blues Basics in 30 Days

Play blues faster than you thought possible with Master Blues Basics In 30 Days. Start with essential blues chords. Finish with smokin' blues solos. And you'll get tons of pro tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Jon Rudolph4 hours

Funk 101 – Play Funk Guitar In 30 Days

Funk guitar is all about rhythm and groove. With Funk 101 – Play Funk Guitar In 30 Days, funk master Jon Rudolph is going to help you get in the groove and really jam. Jon's going to show you all about funk strumming, common chord progressions, melodic lines and more.

Steve Stine2 hours

36 Acoustic Licks

Play red-hot leads on acoustic guitar with 36 Acoustic Licks. You’ll play licks from styles like blues, country, and rockabilly. And you’ll connect them to play awesome solos. You’ll stand out when you play acoustic, no matter what style you play.

Jon Rudolph2.5 hours

Easy Jazz Guitar

Master jazz guitar the easy way with Easy Jazz Guitar. Jon Rudolph is going to show you the scales, chords, and techniques you need to play jazz like the legends. This course is an awesome way to expand your personal style... and it's not as hard as you think.

Rob Ashe2.5+ hours

Slide Guitar Master Open Tunings

Play authentic blues slide guitar with this killer course. Rob Ashe is going to break everything down for you, including how to tune your guitar to open D and open G, and how to play classic blues songs in these tunings. Once you master open tunings, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you on guitar.

Steve Stine2+ hours

Metal Songwriting Workshop

Write your own metal songs from scratch. Create recordings that sound amazing. With Metal Songwriting Workshop, you’ll discover a step-by-step process for writing and recording hard rock and metal songs. Plus, you’ll get a complete breakdown of Steve Stine’s original song “Stargazer.” So you can play it with confidence and get inspired.

Steve Stine7 hours

Play Blues Guitar For Life

The ultimate, A to Z guide to playing blues guitar so you can play thousands of blues and rock songs create inspiring blues solos from scratch, and jam with confidence.

Number of weeks: 10
Steve Stine8 hours

Blues Soloing Masterclass

Blues Soloing Masterclass is a 10-week online masterclass that helps new and advanced guitarists master the techniques of blues legends and play authentic blues solos that sound amazing.