The Magic of Meandering


Jimmy Page. Jimi Hendrix. They knew their fretboards and they knew their stations. They used their knowledge and confidence of their fretboard to play awe-inspiring solos. If you aspire to have completely mastery over your guitar, you have to first begin by asking yourself this question: What do you really know about your fretboard?
This lesson is all about using a technique called meandering to really get comfortable with your fretboard. Fundamentally, meandering is using your entire fretboard, without stopping, in order to become familiar with it and ultimately play outside of your comfort zone. This lesson will reveal how to use meandering to expand your expertise of your fretboard so you can really play with confidence.

The Magic of Meandering – Video Lesson

The Magic of Meandering TAB


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“Turn up the Radio Solo” by Autograph – Video Lesson

“Turn up the Radio Solo” by Autograph TAB