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An Easy Guide To Must-Know Guitar Tricks
And Techniques That Will Help You Play Musical Solos In Any Style…

This One-Time Offer Expires Soon

Did you know you can easily play musical guitar solos by learning a few simple tricks and techniques?

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You’ve probably imagined what it would feel like to grab your guitar, feel confident, and play an impressive solo from start to finish.

Or how much better you guitar solos would sound if you could break free from scales and connect the dots to create musical phrases.

The good news is whether you play blues, rock, country or metal, you only have to know a handful of tricks and techniques before you can play a sweet-sounding solo in front of anyone, in any playing situation.

Because you don’t need years of experience, music theory, or have to know all the scales and chords to create impressive solos from scratch.

You already have what it takes…

You just need to get with a “real” plan and have someone show you the way…

At GuitarZoom, Steve Stine has developed a bundle of 7 easy soloing courses that will show you must-know tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you play solos confidently over any song.

These tools can be taught to anyone who can play even a few notes, and they’re what Steve uses in the “real world” to play solos that leave audiences and musicians wanting more…

Introducing… Ultimate Guitar Tricks Bundle!

Ultimate Guitar Tricks Bundle combines 7 courses that are taught by the world’s most sought after guitar instructor, Steve Stine.

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After years of struggling to understand how the guitar “really works,” he developed a step-by-step training method to help you quickly overcome obstacles and rapidly advance your playing to a level you never dreamed possible.

Over 27 years, he’s helped literally millions of guitarists in over 100 countries.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from Minnesota State University, Moorhead. And he’s played lead-guitar in dozens of bands, touring the U.S. and UK. He’s a featured guest instructor at Guitar World Magazine and the distinguished former Prof. of Modern Guitar Studies at North Dakota State University.

Steve Stine is considered the world’s top guitar instructor because his students see real, noticeable improvements in their playing, fast.

So, if you’re ready to play an “authentic” sounding solo from start to finish, this course is for you…

Each of the courses covers essential skills, tips and techniques that you can learn no matter what your age or skill level.

Bottom line, you’ll have an easy roadmap to playing melodic solos that sound completely unique.

Plus, Steve’s put together 5 awesome bonuses that make this bundle the complete package for any electric guitar lover…

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Ultimate Guitar Tricks Bundle is packed with essential tips, tricks and techniques that work for any serious guitarist…

Here’s The Course Details:

Effective Open String Tapping by Steve Stine
Course Highlights:

  • Note-for-note transcription to each of Steve’s tapping licks, so you don’t get lost and always know where to put your fingers
  • An easy and effective open tapping lick that you can play over major chords.
  • How to mute your strings so they don’t create a bunch of noise
  • Tapping mistakes to avoid, so you can keep everything sounding crisp and clean.
  • How to use a delay effects pedal, so you can add layers and depth to your sound.
  • An awesome chord-chasing technique, so you can tap your way across the fretboard.

String Skipping Magic by Steve Stine
Course Highlights:

  • Essential hammer-on and pull-off techniques.
  • How to play major chord arpeggios on the 3rd and 4th strings.
  • Effective exercises for economy picking, strict alternate picking, and economy picking, so you can build powerful picking technique.
  • Critical minor string skipping arpeggios.
  • How to create musical phrases for solos, so what you play sounds great every time.

Rapid Fire Rock Licks by Steve Stine
Course Highlights:

  • How to play an A minor pentatonic lick that combines hammer-ons and pull-offs, so you can add spice to your solos even if you’re a rookie
  • Left hand muting techniques, so your licks don’t end up just sounding like a bunch of noise.
  • Essential picking patterns, so you can play each lick effectively every time
  • Critical palm-muting techniques, which means you can change the tone and attack of any guitar lick.
  • A really cool E minor pentatonic lick that you can easily move up and down the fretboard.

Rapid Fire Speed Pattern by Steve Stine
Course Highlights:

  • Easy ways to increase your playing speed and precision.
  • Different picking methods for a shred pattern, so you can burn up any scale.
  • How to use scale fragments in your playing. so you can create satisfying solos.
  • 1 must-know G Major scale lick that’s absolutely insane, so you have something cool to bust out at your next jam session.

Master the Technique of Speed Picking by Steve Stine
Course Highlights:

  • How to pick fast and move smoothly across the fretboard, so you can be more efficient and effective when you’re speed picking.
  • The pyramid concept for practicing, so you don’t waste time developing your technique and keep progressing.
  • Left and right hand synchronization techniques, so you can play faster even if your left hand is weak and slow.
  • Key exercises to help you develop massive finger and hand strength so you can play solos at any tempo
  • The critical importance of guitar picks, so you can choose one that works best for your particular style.

Simple Tricks to Killer Legato Licks by Steve Stine
Course Highlights:

  • Effective practice routines that will easily skyrocket your technique.
  • How to play sizzling 3 note per string licks. Which means, you’ll be mastering a simple ingredient that’s going to add that “wow” factor to your solos
  • Easy, movable shapes for the G major scale, so you can start writing your own legato licks even if you’ve never had theory
  • An essential ascending pattern for your solos, so you can improvise lightning fast scale runs anywhere on the guitar neck
  • Red hot one string hammer-on and pull-off licks.
  • Plus, you’ll discover a ton of great patterns so you can shred effective solos anywhere on the fretboard

Learn to Shape Shift Your Pentatonic Licks by Steve Stine
Course Highlights:

  • How to easily expand the pentatonic scale, so you can play “outside the box” solos that are crazy effective.
  • A modified E minor pentatonic pattern in 3 positions.
  • 1 simple way to combine legato licks and easy picking techniques that will help you build speed, so you can comfortably play faster and with great tone.
  • How to string musical phrases together and be creative, so you can craft compelling guitar solos
  • and much more

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Fast Action Bonus 1: 10 Biggest Mistakes Guitarists Make

WARNING: For the first 50 guitarists who order….

When you’re trying to get better, there are many traps and pitfalls that can cause frustration. Some of these can even take the joy out of playing guitar and can keep you from getting better.

In this awesome bonus, Steve Stine is going to show you what mistakes to avoid in order to get the most out of guitar playing, so you stay motivated and can keep getting better each day.

Value: $27.00

Fast Action Bonus 2: 5 Minute Miracle Fingers

WARNING: For the first 100 guitarists who order….

Two of the biggest obstacles guitarists struggle to overcome are weak hands and fingers. That’s why you’ll also receive a quick and easy finger workout called, 5 Minute Miracle Fingers.

These five easy finger exercises will help you build hand and finger strength in just five minutes a day, or less. And having strong fingers makes playing licks and scales a snap.

Fretting difficult chords becomes a breeze. And you’ll virtually eliminate dead-notes and fret buzz.

Value: $27.00

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Fast Action Bonus 3: 6 Guitar Soloing Mistakes to Avoid

WARNING: For the first 150 guitarists who order….

Many guitarists never get any better at soloing because they repeat mistakes that keep them from progressing. In this course, teve Stine will show you what they are and what you can do to overcome them.

Steve’s going to break down critical concepts such as movement and phrasing, as well as share great tips and tricks essential for every serious soloist.

Value: $27.00

Fast Action Bonus 4: Major Scale Harmony

Only for guitarists who order before MIDNIGHT, October 31st….

This video bonus course by Dan Denley covers the 7 chords that come from the major scale, how they are related, and how you can solo over each of them using modes.

This is a critical skill for YOU to understand as a guitarist, so you can start soloing with confidence and writing your own songs.

Value: $37.00

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Bonus 5: Ultimate Jam Track Guitar Pack

Of course, while you’re learning all these new guitar tricks, you’re going to want to jam with a band.

That’s why we’re throwing in this massive collection of 10 jam tracks in different styles, all of which are clearly labeled so you can instantly know which scale to use for your solos…

Value: $37.00

Bonus 6: The Complete Tab Book

You also get the complete tab in downloadable PDF format for each course. So you can easily follow along and always know exactly where to place your fingers along the fretboard…

Value: $19.00

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Bonus 7: Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker

Guitar Solos Made Easy also comes with a Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker, so you’ll know exactly where to start, be able to chart your daily progress, and always know what to work on next. So you won’t waste any time “noodling” around…

Value: $19.00

Bonus 8: Lifetime Access To Our Private GuitarZoom Facebook Group

You’ll also receive 24/7 access to our private GuitarZoom Facebook Group, where there are tons of fellow students and instructors ready and willing to help you. Now you don’t have to worry about getting stuck. And you’ll be part of a worldwide community of guitar players….

Value: $67.00

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Ultimate Guitar Tricks Bundle and the bonus courses are completely online (and mobile friendly).

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How much does Ultimate Guitar Tricks Bundle Cost?

With the cost of university-level guitar lessons as high as they are, we would realistically have to charge $180 for the over 3 hours of video modules included in this course.

As you know, GuitarZoom and Steve Stine realize this would keep a lot of guitarists from getting the training the desperately need to achieve their goals, so we’ve created a special deal just for you.

How much Ultimate Guitar Tricks Bundle actually costs you…

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What You Get
What You Pay

Fast Action Bonus #1: 10 Biggest Mistakes Guitarists Make
(First 50)

Online Course with Tab



Fast Action Bonus #2: 5 MInute Miracle Fingers
(First 100)

Downloadable PDF



Fast Action Bonus #3: 6 Guitar Soloing Mistakes to Avoid
(First 150)

Online Course with Tab



Fast Action Bonus #4: Major Scale Harmony
Until Midnight, November 1

Online Course with Tab



Bonus #5: Ultimate Jam Track Guitar Pack

Downloadable MP3 Audio Tracks



Bonus #6: The Complete Tab Book

Downloadable PDF



Bonus #7: Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker For Each Course

Downloadable PDF



Bonus #8: Lifetime Access To Our Private GuitarZoom Facebook Group




Total Bonus Value

Ultimate Guitar Trick Bundle by Steve Stine
3 Hour, Online Course With Tab
You Save
$212 (82%)



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This One-Time Offer Expires Soon

60-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied just let us know within 60 days. And you’ll receive a fast, friendly refund, or exchange. Your choice.

No questions asked.

No receipt required!

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Four Important Reminders

  1. This Offer Expires Soon.
  2. You can’t get better if you keep doing the same things over and over. This training will force you to get better. You will be way outside your comfort zone, and that’s when you make big breakthroughs in your playing. You don’t make progress by noodling around. So jump on board and sign up now!
  3. You’re covered by a 60-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Which means, If you aren’t 100% satisfied, just let us know within 60 days. And you’ll receive a fast, friendly refund, or exchange. Your choice. No questions asked. No receipt required!
  4. We tend to regret the things we do in the short-term. But we regret the things we did NOT do in the long-term… a lot more! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to get top-gun, hands-on, personalized training from the world’s leading guitar instructor. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

What guitarists across the world are saying about GuitarZoom

You are without a doubt the best communicator when it comes to tutoring that I have seen. I’ve learned more from watching you in a few months than I did from dozens of others for years. Superb stuff, mate!

S. Mitchell

Steve’s way of teaching taught me more in 2 months than I learned in 5 years trying to teach myself.

R. Lisenko II

Steve’s videos are excellent. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or looking for new ways to hone your technique, the material is clear, and presented at an understandable pace.

I. Snape

I want to thank you because I’ve been playing for years but have never been able to understand guitar solos and how to move up and down the neck, but thanks to your videos I am able to understand so much more than I ever have.

R. Brown

I was stuck. I didn’t know where to take my playing. I saw your webinar and purchased your solos course. I want to say thank you. It has opened the doors for me. I amaze myself. It’s left me in awe. The motivation and the way you lay it out is awesome. I’ve had other courses from other folks but yours has opened more doors in a shorter time. Thank you.

P. Carter

I’ve been playing guitar for 55 years. I’ve learned more from Steve in an hour about theory and application than I have from any other teacher before.

D. Hines

Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips. I’m almost 60 and have been playing now for a few years but find a lot of it mind-boggling but with your tips it certainly is helping. Like everything, it takes time, but you break things down really well.

H. Johnson

I am a long time guitar player, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist who is looking for “what I don’t know” (which is a lot) and decided to order “96 Rock Licks” and “Solofire.” I have gone completely through solofire and am going back through it again and am working my way through 96 Licks. I just want to say thank you for what I believe is the finest, most practical and immediately useful guitar instruction on the planet.

J. Gorrell

Over the past week, I have completed 5 modules. My execution and facility aren’t what they should be, but I have been relentless at following the course. I am classically trained, and now retired from a career of teaching music, the last 4 included classroom guitar to 5th and 6th graders. I appreciate Steve’s approach to teaching, being very concise in his directions and allowing us to feel like “real musicians.”

D. Burchfield

I just want to say I have tried to learn from Mel Bay myself and never got much out of it. But the way you teach has helped me learn scales like never before. Now, they are just so easy. You rock.

–D. Rogers

The older I get the more deeply I realize that the present moment is all you ever have. Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness. Happiness is being inspired by someone. I’m always inspired by you. You truly make a difference. Thank you!

D. Szczesniak