Three Awesome Blues Licks for Guitar

Practicing your soloing skills? This video is your go-to for learning three rad blues licks for guitar that you can easily use and personalize. Let’s do this.

In this video, we’ve got Guitar Zoom’s very own instructor extraordinaire Steve Stine giving free demos and detailed steps on how you can successfully use three blues licks for guitar solos. Ready to practice, personalize, and perform? Watch this clip and learn from the master himself:

Three Blues Licks For Guitar

Are you a hesitant noob? A little rusty from lack of practice? Hoping for a guitar comeback? Fear not, my friend. From finger placement to stylistics, he’s got you covered from beginning to end.

Here are some golden nuggets from this how-to:

  • Steve does a great short demo on how the three blues licks go together to form a groovy solo. Now that’s something to look forward to when YOU master these riffs.
  • We start off the lesson with the first lick. Note that everything is coming from the pentatonic or blues scale. You start off with the 3rd string, 10th fret with your ring finger, and do a whole step bend
  • Remember: whole step = 2-fret bend. Bending means grabbing on the string, turning your wrist as if you’re turning or opening a door knob, and lifting the string up.
  • The trick to a clean lick: instead of using three middle fingers to help push the string up for a bend, use the tip of your index finger to lightly touch the 3rd string. That way, it stops the sound of the string after you do a bend. No open sounds, no awkwardness. Practice this simple lick until you get real clean sounds.
  • Next lick is a pull-off from 11th to 8th frets with the 2nd string. Pluck the eleventh, and pull off to the eighth. Then head on over to the 10th fret of the 3rd string using your ring finger. Your index finger then goes back to the 8th fret of the 2nd string. Do the pull off, and go back. Too complicated to read? Steve will guide you through the whole process step by step.
  • Lick number three: go to the 3rd string 10th fret with ring finger, putting the other fingers to assist in bending it up (remember the door knob maneuver?), whole step or two frets, then bring it back down, and do a hammer-on from 8th to 9th with your finger middle. And lastly, go to the 10th fret of the 4th strings. Steve does a detailed demo of this in the video.
  • Steve’s most important tip: always aim for a clean lick. The practice section of this clip allows you to do the three licks with Steve, so you can get used to the simpler, straightforward versions of the licks before personalizing them.
  • There are two ways to go about customizing your licks: 1) Changing the variety of the rhythm, and 2) changing the notes that you’re playing. Steve plays a number of variations that you can try out—practice with him and try your own combinations. It’s the same three simple licks, done several different ways—how cool is that?
  • Bonus lesson: Combining Major and Minor Pentatonic (you gotta love Steve for that).

Watch this video over and over until it becomes a part of your game. With constant practice and a whole lotta creativity, you’ll be taking your solos to the next levels in no time at all.

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