The Tone Zone - ChordPulse app for Windows

Part of getting better at guitar is figuring out how to jam effectively over chord progressions. After all, chords are the backbone of songs in every style. But it’s not always easy to find jam tracks to practice with, especially if you want to work on soloing over modes or more obscure styles like swing and bossa nova.

Thankfully, the ChordPulse app for Windows makes creating and jamming over chord progressions in 144 musical styles a snap.

Here, Steve Stine breaks down how to use this MIDI-based backing band to refine your rhythm and soloing chops.

The ChordPulse App

Using the ChordPulse app is easy. Simply select the chords and chord quality (e.g. major, minor, 7th, sus, and etc.) you want to make a chord progression, pick a style, and press play to start jamming.

You can also adjust the tempo, so you can practice building up your speed to play blazing fast licks and solos. Plus, there’s a built-in tuner that allows you to tune your instrument or the backing band software.

With so many cool features, the ChordPulse app for Windows is an excellent tool to help you develop and progress as a guitarist. And you can get a free trial to see if it’s right for you. When your trial period is over, you can keep jamming for just $21.95, a steal for what amounts to unlimited jam tracks.

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