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When you’re working on your rhythm and lead guitar chops, it’s important to practice with jam tracks. For a long time, that meant stockpiling CDs or scouring the Internet for MIDIs and MP3s of whatever key and style you wanted to practice to. But, let’s face it, that process took just long enough to be frustrating and interrupt your practice routine.

Now, a ton of mobile apps are available that do all the hard work for you. Which means, you can stick to what matters, getting better and finally achieving your goals.

Jam Tracks app for iPhone

At the moment, my absolute favorite is the Jam Track app by Ninebuzz for iPhone.
Here, Steve Stine gives his thoughts on how you can use this killer mobile app to significantly improve your guitar playing.

What’s cool about the Jam Tracks app is that you can choose the key and style from an easy-to-understand interface that features hundreds of jam tracks (with more being added every day). So you never have to worry about finding one to match your practice needs.

At the bottom of the app interface, you can select “chords” to see which chords are being used in each jam track, and you can also select “scales” to discover scale options you can use for your solos. It’s a real timesaver that will keep you focused and progressing with your guitar playing every day.

With so many cool features, you can’t go wrong dropping $4.99 in the app store to see how well it works for you.

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