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Execute Bends Comfortably. Stay In Control And In Tune.
Spice Up Your Songs And Solos.

Ultimate Guide To String Bending Details

Ultimate Guide To String Bending
is your Complete Guide On “How To Bend With The Ease And Precise Control Of A Pro” In Fast and Easy Steps.

The Importance Of Using Bends

  • Why string bending is musically essential (yes it sounds great, but why?)

  • What adding a ‘vocal element’ to your playing means and how to use string bending to make your guitar ‘sing’.

The Basic Bend: Bend Execution

  • How to properly execute a bend to spice up your solo’s
  • Why it’s important to have a proper playing position
  • The correct fingering for string bending
  • How to ‘Door Knob’ technique will power-up your bends
  • How to keep proper ‘String Control’

  • How to keep other strings quiet while bending
  • The difference between ‘Pushing Strings Upward’ and the ‘Fingertip Grab’
  • What ‘String Gauge’ and ‘String Height’ means and how to get the perfect string set-up for you
  • The ‘Standard Bridge’ v.s The ‘Tremolo Bridge’ and how to affects your bends
  • Why it’s important to have a guitar that not only LOOKS good but FEELS good

The Basic Bend: Whole Step Bend

  • How to play a ‘Whole Step Bend’ correctly
  • Why training your ears is crucial in bending
  • Why training your ears is crucial in bending
  • How to bend from point A to point B (what is point A and point B?)
  • ‘Upward Bending’ vs. ‘Downward Bending’ and their pro’s and con’s
  • How to use fast and slow bends depending on the situation
  • Why it’s important to take your time during bends
  • Why the ‘travel’ between strings is important (hint…this is what creates the ‘singing feeling’ in the guitar)
  • Why you need to THINK during bends and not just try to get them done
  • How to make long-lasting notes with proper finger pressure
  • How to make a long-lasting bend until the pitch stops naturally over time

  • Why a ‘Delay Effect’ is a nice touch to add while bending
  • How to add ‘Vibrato’ to your bends for a smooth ‘Vocal’ sound
  • How to speed-up and slow-down the ‘Vibrato’ notes
  • How to perform ‘Siren Bending’ (similar to Ace Frehly (KISS) style bends)
  • How to play a reverse or ‘Ghost Bend’ (like the beginning of Wild Thing by Troggs)
  • How to combine different bending techniques to create your own unique style
  • How to play a ‘Pick and Release’ descension bend (it’s like a ‘falling down the hill’ sound, real fun to play)
  • What to look out for when picking as you string bend
  • How to play ‘Erratic Bends’ to create a chaotic sound (if you’re looking for that wild feeling)
  • How to play a ‘Wide Dip’ bend for that ‘off-tune’ sound that gives more drama to your bending (ugly then smooth again)
  • Why it’s important to have dissonance (ugly sounds) as you play to create more feeling in your bends and solo’s

Moving The Basic Bend Onto Other Parts Of The Guitar

  • How you can play the ‘Basic Bend’ on different areas on your guitar
  • How to use the ‘Pentatonic Scale’ in your bends so you know exactly what to play to sound good
  • What notes make up the logical sense in ‘Common’ bends
  • Why bending a note simply becomes another note on the pentatonic scale

  • How to play ‘Secondary Anchor Bends’ so you can combine bends with ease
  • The ‘correct’ fingering for ‘Unison Bending’ so you can avoid the making bad habits
  • How to play ‘Harmony Bends’ with the correct technique (a lot of people mess it up)
  • Why it’s important to understand the ‘action’ in bending so you can bend in different areas of your guitar

Double Stop Bending

  • How to effectively play ‘Double Stop’ bends
  • Using omission of descension to create effective repetition in your solo’s
  • How to play ‘travelling’ unison bends in different areas of your guitar
  • How to add vibrato to your unison bends
  • How to add tension to your unison bends through the ‘Slow Release’ technique to create a stronger sound
  • Using harmony bends to create country or ‘Pedal Steel’ sounds (this is where string bending originated from)
  • 3 note harmony bends and how to play them
  • How to play a ‘String Skip’ harmony bend so you can use the ‘skip’ to create a lick or pattern (really useful)

  • How to apply all the ‘Basic Bend’ techniques in harmony bending
  • How to play Chuck Berry 50’s style bending
  • Individual picking for Chuck Berry Style bending
  • Double stop picking for Chuck Berry Style bending</li>
  • Why it’s important to have proper string control when playing these bends
  • One trick using your fingertips that will save you hours of frustration
  • The disadvantage of the ‘Tremolo Bridge’ when bending and what to do instead
  • How to play a ‘Train Whistle’ bend effectively

Repetitive Bending

  • How to make different ‘Patterns’ so you can create licks and repetition in your solo’s
  • How to play a ‘Walking’ unison bend
  • What ‘Double Note’ repetitive licks are and how to use them in your bends
  • One special ‘Ladder’ technique to make it easier for you to create patterns and licks as you bend

  • The ‘1-2-3-2-1’ technique to help you build patterns by playing repetition
  • How to mix and match your repetitive bends so you have more variety while you’re bending
  • How to play a multiple string ladder
  • How to play a single string ladder

Half-Step Bending

  • Why half-step bends are essential to melody (a lot of people underestimate them)
  • How to play a ‘Dip’ effect in a half-step bend
  • How to play a half-step ‘Anchor’ bend

  • How to apply bending from places that don’t make ‘musical’ sense
  • One crucial ‘Dip’ technique to add an interesting twist to your licks

Other Cool Bends and Techniques

  • First-Finger Whole Step Bending
  • 3 Fret Bending
  • Blues Bending
  • Vocal Style’ Bends
  • The ‘3 Kings’ Blues Box Bending

  • Chromatic Style Bending In The ‘King’s Box’
  • ‘Stevie Ray Vaughan’ Style Multi-String Bends
  • Double Stop Rock Bends
  • How to ‘Rake’ into a bend
  • And More…

Ultimate Guide To String Bending Comes With These Online Course Bonuses

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String Skipping Magic

Online Course

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In this powerful bonus short course Steve Stine teaches mega-valuable skills and techniques to boost your chord creativity.

Most of us start learning guitar with basic chords like the CAGED shapes, but the thing is that it is possible to make them sound a lot more interesting in a number of different ways.

Fast Action
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Arpeggio Secrets

Online Course

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Plus you get online access to Arpeggio Secrets.

A quick course on the essential fundamentals and technique on how to play arpeggio’s and implement them into your playing.


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26 Texas Blues Licks

Online Course

Plus you get a online access to 26 awe-inspiring riffs in all the major guitar-styles from 1960 to the present!

Add these licks to the end of your bends for head-turning solo’s to surprise your friends and family.

Bonus 4

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Simple and Easy Major Blues Licks

Online Course

Plus you also get an exclusive access to from Steve’s “Simple and Easy Major Blues Licks” with more licks for you to learn and add to your solo’s.

Get jammin’!

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Ultimate Guide To String Bending by Steve Stine

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