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IGPA Is The Premier Online Association For Guitar Players.

It’s Bringing Music And Families Together And Changing Lives Every Day…

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As an IGPA member, you’ll enjoy…

A Fast, Fun, & Easy Way To Learn Guitar Online

Our proven “20 Legacy Course Collection” makes it easy to build your guitar skills in any style, step by step, in just minutes a day. You’ll be constantly improving your guitar playing without having to worry about getting confused or picking up any bad habits.

A Step By Step Plan That Keeps You Motivated To Play Every Day

We’ll give you 4 new guided video lessons each month to keep you motivated—you’ll have the time of your life playing the songs you learn for your friends and family…(And never have to worry about “missing” a lesson again).

A LIVE Members-Only Webinar To Answer Your Questions

Attend monthly, members-only LIVE webinars with Steve Stine (as well as IGPA-certified instructors who actually know what the heck they’re doing) so you can ask your most burning questions, participate in the discussion and take your guitar playing to the next level.

2 FREE Tickets To The Annual IGPA Summit

Each year we hold the annual IGPA summit. So members can come together in one place to jam, learn and fellowship. It’s a fun way to get to know your fellow members. Improve your guitar playing. Create memories. And form lasting friendships. Steve Stine will host the event. Which means he’ll be playing and teaching, LIVE. And, in the evenings, it’s party time. Which means we’ll get together and just hang out.

20% Discount On All GuitarZoom Courses

Your IGPA membership entitles you to 20% off all of GuitarZoom’s best-selling courses. This one member benefit alone should pay for itself in the first 30 days.

A Private Members-Only Facebook Group

As a member, you also get exclusive access to our private Facebook group. So, you can join in the discussion, contribute to the community, and get your questions answered fast.

Special Offer

Became an IGPA member for $19.98/mo, or even less – $199/yr (save $40.76).
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“It’s Like Netflix For Guitar Players!”

As an IGPA member, you’ll get instant, ON-DEMAND access to 20 Legacy Courses and 80 video lessons. You can use these “playing guides” to build your rhythm and lead guitar chops, learn new songs faster and play guitar solos without any fear or hesitation.

Here are just a few examples of the courses you’re about to access…

David Gilmour Style Soloing

How to execute soaring bending licks like David Gilmour that grab everyone’s attention and get the audience screaming for more.

Rapid Fire Rock Licks

1 easy way to force your fingers to bust out lightning fast rock licks — without hitting any dead notes (A proven secret that will astonish even advanced guitar players).

Blues Guitar 101

1 simple way to learn to play blues overnight…(An astonishingly easy technique well-used by pro musicians but ignored by 99% of other guitar players).

Play Acoustic Guitar In 7 Days

Learn the secrets to quickly playing 99% of your favorite popular songs on acoustic guitar (Most songs are stunningly simple, once you know the inside tips and tricks).

Slash Style Soloing

Instantly learn the “insider” techniques behind Slash from Guns N’ Roses signature soloing style — your audience will “go wild” when you add these easy tricks to your solos.

Eddie Van Halen Style Secrets

The one “stumbling block” that’s keeping you from creating mind-blowing tapping licks like Eddie Van Halen.

Songwriting Secrets Made Simple

Move like lightning through the 3 stages of songwriting mastery: From “no clue at all” to “this is easy” to the thrill of writing your own smash hits in just a few short hours.

Essential Hand And Finger Exercises

How to nail chord changes and build scary speed and accuracy (You’ll overcome dead notes and fret buzz because your fingers will glide effortlessly over the strings and always hit the right notes).

Fretboard Made Easy

Overcome years of frustration by learning ONE scale that will help you master the fretboard and unlock your playing potential.

… and 11 more!

Meet Your New Best Friends

IGPA is much more than guitar lessons… It’s a community of like-minded guitar enthusiasts who’ve not only been where you are right now, but will support and help you progress on your guitar journey each day, while having a lot of fun.

When You Activate Your Membership

You’ll Also Get These Bonuses

Activate Your IGPA Membership Today!

Become a member today for only $19.98 a month and get access to EVERYTHING you need to build your guitar skills in just minutes a day so that you’re constantly improving without having to worry about getting confused or picking up any bad habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a beginner… Is IGPA for me?

Many new members are just starting out or getting back into guitar after a long break. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry because the lessons give you a step by step plan for success that’s easy to follow…even if you don’t read tabs or sheet music.

When do you release new video lessons?

Every month 4 new lessons will be released to your members’ area. We also plan to add more courses to the Legacy Collection…(look out for email announcements telling you about NEW releases).

What if I want to cancel my IGPA membership?

We make it quick and easy. You can cancel your IGPA membership at anytime. And you get to keep the bonuses.

What styles of guitar playing do the lessons cover?

Our video lessons are laser-focused and cover beginner, blues, soloing, theory and technique. You’ll learn songs and skills to help you become a better guitar player, while having a TON of fun.

What do I get when I activate my membership?

You’ll be able to instantly access the 20 Legacy Course collection, previous month’s video lessons and the current month’s video lessons. PLUS…you can watch last month’s LIVE webinar.

There’s also a collection of Shop Talk videos that we’ve put together to help you with basic guitar maintenance. So you can keep your favorite axe in tip top playing shape.

Can I still activate my membership if I don’t live in the United States?

Yes, definitely. We’ve got members from all over the world and we’d love for you to share your passion for guitar with us.

Can I send Steve Stine questions?

Of course… Every month before the LIVE webinar we’ll send you an email with a link to a form where you can submit your questions to Steve… He also visits the Facebook group daily to encourage members and share exciting content that you don’t want to miss.

What if I miss a lesson?

No worries! You can watch the lessons anytime. They’re yours to keep and watch as long as you’re a member. The great thing about IGPA is that there’s no pressure and you can watch the lessons that interest you most. So you stay motivated and build your guitar skills in a way that comes natural to you.

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  • 1 LIVE Webinar Every Month (value: $720 Value Per Year) FREE
  • 4 NEW Video Lessons Every Month (value: $464 Value Per Year) FREE
  • 2 FREE Tickets To The Annual IGPA Summit (value: $198 – $99 a piece) FREE
  • 20% Discount On Over 50 GuitarZoom Courses
  • Private Facebook Group (value: $67 Value Per Year) FREE
  • Total Value: $2375 FREE
  • IGPA Membership (value: $19.98 Value Per Month) $19.98

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