Weekly Wisdom: The Keys to Ultimate Success in Guitar Playing—and Life

The Guitar Zoom family aims to push you, and the guitar-playing rockstar in you, towards success (it’s also mandatory that you have tons of fun and enrichment in the process). And along with our superb how-to lessons and educational resources, we’d like to share some words of advice on how to get your performance at the optimum level. This is not just with how you do music, but also with life in general. Our simple formula: The three keys to success in guitar playing.

GZ’s ever-wise guitar expert and instructor extraordinaire Steve Stine shows you the simplest guideline on ensuring your success in your musical performance Whether it’s a professional career that you aim for, or if you’re just looking for a creative outlet, away from the everyday grind, this is for you.

Remembering the Essentials: The PFS Factor in Guitar Playing

When it comes to upping the ante on your productivity, not just in music but also in your general day-to-day living, nothing beats surrounding yourself with positive energy. And in order to maintain that productive, healthy environment, you have to consciously choose to be immersed in it. How? Watch out for the three keys factors: Places, Faces, and Spaces.

It’s All About Environment: Places

Whether you’re just starting out with playing music or just honing your hard-earned skills to get to the top level of performing, one important aspect of improving your game is making sure that you learn, practice, and grow in an environment that is conducive for building your craft.

Distractions is one of the biggest killers of productivity. And you my friend, need no distractions or any negative interruptions when you’re clocking in your 10,000 hours.

The People Effect: Faces

Most of the time, you will hear about successful musicians (or anyone successful in any industry, for that matter) talking about the people who have encouraged them. Those who inspired them to be where they are now. The person who pushed them when they were at the brink of giving up. The person who gave them a pat in the back, for all those small wins that led to success in guitar playing.

Surrounding yourself with people who give off positive energy and encouragement is imperative if you want to survive a world full of rejections and criticism, even bullying. Walk away from those who belittle your passion for music. Play only for those who see your love for guitar and help you correct the wrongs and celebrate the rights.

Your Mind is a Universe: Spaces

Some say that your biggest enemy is yourself. And this is true, even with music. You can have all the encouragement in the world and the best environment to sharpen those chops—but ultimately, it is up to you to nourish that beautiful brain of yours with productive juices. Never stop learning. Absorb information like a sponge. Embrace education like a lover for life. It goes without saying that keeping your mind healthy also means staying away from anything that will impair your cognitive functions.

Have fun in moderation. And yes, take a nice breather once in a while to reset and recharge. But always remember that at the end of any path you choose, what you arm yourself with will either help you get there in one piece, or leave you stranded halfway there.

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